Magnesium Deficiency

on 3/31/19 6:05 am - MN

Hello Everyone,

I trust that you are doing well. However, I am not doing so well right now. I am 7 years out. With the exception of a bout of reactive hypoglycemia, I have been doing well since my surgery. The problem that I have been having lately is severe leg and foot cramping. It is extremely painful and I just want relief. It usually happens at night. Can any of you recommend which magnesium pills I should take for this that can be absorbed? I went online and started looking at magnesium, but wasn't satisfied. I just figured someone one here is more knowledgeable than I am and more experienced who can lead me in the right direction. Someone, please get back to me with some answers, as the cramping is crazy painful. I look forward to any and all responses so I can get some relief. Thanks much.


on 3/31/19 6:18 am
RNY on 06/03/15

according to the PA at my bariatric clinic, magnesium citrate is really the only one we absorb well. Watch your dosage, though. I take magnesium oxide for constipation, and the PA said due to the low absorption rate, I can take way over the RDA (it still has a laxative effect, though). With magnesium citrate, you do have to mind the RDA.

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on 3/31/19 6:59 am - MN

Thanks very much for your reply. In my research I did see magnesium citrate listed in the list of the ones recommended for the deficiency. I don't want to take too much and I don't think I need it for laxative purposes either. I just want immediate relief from these painful cramps. The cramps in my feet are so bad that when it happens I am notable to straighten my toes out and the pain radiates up my legs. Any particular brand I should take? Thanks.

on 3/31/19 7:20 am - Turlock, CA

I take magnesium citrate by Now brand and love it! start out slowly and then add as you go. I take two capsules in the am and two at night. It really helps the muscle cramps and overall nervous system.

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on 3/31/19 7:27 am - MN

Thank you so very much for helping me with this problem to let me know which one to buy. Let me just say this to everyone on this site. Over the years, I have had different issues that I needed an answer for. I have always, always been able to get responses from very knowledgeable people on here. You all are awesome and I feel especially fortunate to be able to come to such a supportive community. I am teachable and will always welcome good information. I have found that on this journey that we have taken for better health and wellness, it helps to come to a place where others understand. Thanks again.

on 3/31/19 7:59 am - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

I get the leg cramps too and they are just as you describe. I think I need to change up my Magnesium, but I wanted to recommend magnesium oil to you. It's a spray that you apply to the affected area and the relief is very fast. It's good to have on hand.


on 3/31/19 8:13 am - MN

Thanks Jen,

Isn't it the worst pain!? The pain has been so great that I have been doubled over on the floor, jumping up and down, rolling on the floor, furiously rubbing my legs and feet....doing anything to relieve the pain. At this point I am willing to try anything! So in addition to the pills I will get some oil too, LOL! Thanks.

on 3/31/19 7:07 pm - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

Yeah, it's really good for on the spot treatment. I've also had good success with elevating my legs for about 20 minutes or so after days with a lot of walking like a hike or vacation.


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on 4/1/19 4:48 am - Burleson , TX

JEN - Where do you get the spray on oil?? Sounds awesome !

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on 4/1/19 7:29 am - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

I just got it from Amazon. Last time Checked, they had several. :D


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