Is this normal?

on 4/1/19 6:37 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

I had my surgery on 3/20. today is day 12 on the liquid "diet". Is it normal to physically tired? I am drained. I feel like I cant even type this. Hard to get up and ready for work. Already looking forward to a nap at lunch. I don't know if I can take 2 more days of liquid.

on 4/1/19 7:51 am

Yes, it's normal. You will fell better soon. Take care your hidratation.

Amy R.
on 4/1/19 8:15 am

Absolutely it is normal. I'm assuming your liquid diet tops off at way lower calories that your previous normal eating did. Your body is hungry, and it's not just head hunger. Dropping calories to that extent for more than a day or two is going to result in fatigue as your body gets used to functioning on less.

Are you allowed broth or strained soups? At one time I would buy the "chunky" soups and strain out all of the solids. For some reason the broth from those was a lot more satisfying than boullion (sp?) or consumme' (spelling again?).

Also, freezing Diet Hansen's in ice cube trays and sucking on those really helped as well.

Are you on full liquids? Or clear liquids? Because that also make a big difference.

Congrats on your 12 days though! You're almost there and you can do this. Just hang in. For many of us the pre-op liquid diet was the hardest part of the whole RnY experience. Power through and just know that it only gets better.

on 4/1/19 9:45 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

Thank you. Have had Campbells soup a lot (my son eats all but the broth for me...). Won Ton soup without the wontons is good too. Today is the first day I physically feel as if I cant really move. Fighting thru it.

Donna L.
on 4/1/19 9:11 am - Chicago, IL
Revision on 02/19/18

It's the body adapting to much lower calories, as well as much lower glucose. It's switching to burn fat for fuel primarily instead. It can cause quite a bit of slog. I found drinking powerade zero helped; the extra electrolytes were helpful, and my doctor/program allowed it.

Hang in there!

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

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on 4/1/19 9:47 am - New Milford, NJ
VSG on 03/20/19

my husband got me something with extra electrolytes but after a while just didn't taste right. I think the lower glucose is what is doing it to me. Just powering thru

Gina 18 Years Out
on 4/1/19 3:25 pm - Burleson , TX

In addition to what the others have said, you also need to consider your body has just been thru the shock of major surgery, and is wondering WTH you did to it!!!

Anesthesia is a booger, all by itself, regardless of whether the surgery is on your tonsils, or your guts...

Hang in there!!!!

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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/2/19 2:51 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

I was completely exhausted for WEEKS after surgery. Up until maybe 3 or 4 months out, I would come home from work and immediately nap for a few hours.

Your body is going through a lot of hard work right now! You're healing from major surgery, you're running on fewer calories, and it's absolutely exhausting.

Make sure you're keeping up on your fluids and taking your vitamins; dehydration can make you feel even worse. But absolutely nap as much as you need to and be kind to your body during this process!

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on 4/9/19 12:23 pm

This will pass. It's worth it, hang in there and rest when you can.Most important is liquids

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