Whats on your (Photo) Friday menu, RNYers?

on 4/14/19 6:41 am - Middletown, CT
VSG on 09/28/16

I have all of his books!

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Surgeon, Darren Tishler

on 4/13/19 12:16 pm

Now you've made me hungry!

on 4/12/19 2:42 pm, edited 4/12/19 12:36 pm

Friday greetings to all of my RnY kindred!

Thank you, Janet, for launching us today. I love the photo of you with the lamb! My ex-husband was born on an island in the North Sea. I last was there many Aprils ago, and will never forget the sweetness of the little spring lambs, gamboling in the fields amongst their stately mothers.

I always enjoyed this little video. The video quality isn't the highest as it's been on YouTube for several years, but the little lamb is just so cute:


I have always been a huge reader. I recall being scolded for walking home from the library while reading my newest acquisition - a neighbor drove by and saw me walking with my nose buried in it's pages, and told my mom. I think they were concerned that I would trip over a curb, or not see a turning car. But my entire family read voraciously, so I was in good company, and our library at home was broad and wonderful. I remember going to the library with my dad when I was very young - probably 2-ish - and being so surprised to learn that we wouldn't have to pay for the books we selected. Mine was a picture book featuring triplets - three little girls with Nordic-blonde hair. My parents always read to me before bed, too, until I started to be able to decipher the alphabet code for myself. I remember my dad reading Alice in Wonderland to me - a true first edition, no less - when I was 2 or 3 (I know because my mom was expecting, and we would say a prayer afterwards for her and the baby). I had to concentrate very hard to absorb the story as it was actually a bit advanced for such a young kid, but I wanted to please my dad and show him that I understood what he was reading.

I definitely prefer paper to digital, except for newspapers. I like paper newspapers, too, but get easily overwhelmed with paper recycling even without them, and I like to read several daily papers. So I switched to digital subscriptions.

I grew up preferring fiction by far - nonfiction seemed so dry and lacking in magic by comparison. This evened out as I grew up. Now I go through periods during which I read non-fiction almost exclusively, but then sugar it up with a huge dose of fiction for a while. I prefer to only have one book going at a time. I read work-related books, but many other genres as well. My work is creative, so the relevant books are fun and interesting to me. I also like history and, actually, a wide range of subject matter.

I love my local library! I love how busy it always seems to be, as well.

Yesterday I went shopping - I wanted to get a blazer to wear with jeans. Despite trying a dozen styles on at J. Crew, Macy's, and Nordstrom, I didn't find one I thought looked good on me. Either the shoulders were too broad or the fit was too boxy, or it looked good open but gave me a strangely unflattering shape when buttoned. I'm not accustomed to having things tailored, but I may have to go that route to get a good fit. Then I bit the bullet and went for an overdue bra fitting. No matter how discrete the bra fitter is, this is an exercise in humiliation! But I walked away with two new bras. I had been wearing the same style and size for many months and though they started off fine, I have lost too much weight for them to be a good fit at this point. I've never spent so much money on bras in my life - holy moly, were these things expensive! And they aren't even that perfect a fit - but they were the best I could find out of a dozen attempts. They are, at least, an improvement.

first: two huge cups of coffee

B: ham

L: turkey breast, a few grape tomatoes

D: chicken, green salad

Here is a poster I made for a class assignment when I was learning Adobe Illustrator:

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

on 4/12/19 10:42 pm - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

Cara, have you tried H&M? I know it's not an obvious place but I found the best blazer for jeans there. I had seen it online but I don't trust their quality.While in DC I went to the store and I actually liked it on. I don't know how long you'd want your blazer to be but this one was the right length for me. I bought it in navy.

H&M Jacket with gathered sleeves

Here's how I wore it just recently.

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on 4/12/19 11:18 pm, edited 4/12/19 4:41 pm

That's a fabulous look, Sheila - I love it's casual chic! I like some length, yet lean towards a slightly shrunken silhouette. I definitely like a bit of a nipped-in waist. I love linen blends, if I could only find one that didn't wrinkle the instant I looked at it! Actually it would be great to find a pan-seasonal fabric, one which could take me at least from spring through fall, if not all year 'round. I envision myself wearing this, in navy or black, open over a Saint James Breton striped 3/4 sleeve length boatneck tee, a pair of Repetto ballet flats, and some great skinny jeans, rolled up at the hem. We should go shopping together! But until then, I will check out H&M! Thank you for the tip!

on 4/13/19 5:34 am
RNY on 02/19/16

I love reading your posts, Cara, you are such a colorful writer and your descriptions of everything just come alive! The video of the baby lamb in the house was cute, too.

on 4/13/19 12:18 pm

Thank you, Karen!

Julia S.
on 4/15/19 8:13 am - Beaverton, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

I know it's late but I couldn't resist the QOTD- I love books. I can't survive without them, when I was completing my BS degree I felt like I was losing my mind because I didn't have time to just read for pleasure. I would sneak in a few minutes with some fiction book just to keep me going. I read now almost exclusively on my tablet with Overdrive Media utilizing my library. I love libraries, I remember spending a lot of my summers when I was a kid exploring my local library. Unfortunately now I really don't go the the physical library often, my favorite one is in downtown Portland. I love the beautiful old building and the stairs just the smell of the books and the adventure of discovery. It's actually on the National Registry.

I admire all of the librarians especially on here, I couldn't do it I'd want to read all of the time.

My favorite thing is to get lost in a book, to lose track of time and be so engrossed it is the only world that exists.

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