When you crave something sweet?

on 4/15/19 2:10 pm

I hope no one gets upset by this but I heard a woman on this board say that they have Sugar-free Reese's peanut butter cups. So of course I went out and got some they are delicious and I have one about every other day!

on 4/15/19 9:00 pm - Kingman, AZ
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I have a 3 item plan. First, I try to just breathe and figure out why I'm craving sweets so I set a timer for 10 minutes. Usually I'm distracted and when it goes off I've moved on.

If not, depending on if I want hot or cold I either have a sugar free hot chocolate with or without protein depending on time of day and my protein level or I make a frozen whip using 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1 portion of frozen berries. It makes like a frozen sherbet but a bit saltier. I use my food processer or blender to really whip it. Beware, if you freeze it for later it gets really hard. Sometimes just a bite or two is enough to satisfy the craving. :)

Another good choice are frozen grapes, but I don't do them very often, just to darn sweet.

Note: When I make the hot chocolate with protein I mix the protein with a bit of cold water to dissolve it, then add the ho****er and hot chocolate.

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on 4/16/19 11:12 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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Fruit and fage yogurt with SF syrup are my favorite.

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on 4/17/19 3:33 am

I will have a lick of teaspoon of raw honey to cut that sugar thought.

It won't raise your glycemic numbers and it will help w/your allergies.

Cane sugar & beet sugars are all our downfalls they add to your cravings and they are in all processed/fast foods cut that all out you will have the best sugcess ever!!!

90 percent of what we eat now is processed or fast foods......Catch it, kill it, grow it or cook for yourself you'll drop weight like a stone.

on 4/17/19 3:36 am

Oh and all corn sweetners and crap you can't pronounce are from corn and corn you cannot digest makes for weight gain.

on 4/18/19 6:04 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

If fruit is on your diet, try dried mangos. They're sweet and chewy (so they take time to eat). I find it best to portion them into small servings so that I don't eat too much without thinking, but when I've finished the portion, I'm satisfied and don't crave more.

Also, I've started drinking instant coffee (usually decaf) with protein powder and other flavourings added (e.g. almond extract, cinnamon, or sugar-free chocolate sauce). The protein powder makes it creamy, and the flavourings make it feel like a decadent treat!