What's on your Saturday menu?

on 4/20/19 4:53 am

i will start this out since I've been crazy. Or present!!

so finally got my resume updated and will get signoff Monday from my coach.

Today I plan to workout but when I went to walk the dogs it was sleeting? It's almost May in Georgia! It rained most of the day yesterday also so kind of crappy and cold

food plan for today




protein pancakes


chicken gizzards


other veggies

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on 4/20/19 5:27 am - Brighton, IL

It rained all day here yesterday too but today is chilly but sunny. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as we were packing up at the church and heading home. We'll be here at home 2 weeks this time and then head out again. Accountability was good foodwise and stepwise. Weight today 124. Lily and I will head out to the park in a bit for our 3.5 miles and will do another1.25 before dinner. Heres the food for today B 1/2 c steel cut oats with protein and peanut butter L 4 oz deli turkey with cheeseD 4 oz burger patty with cheeseS if needed pork rinds2 oz and 1 T black bean salsa. Have a great day full of smart and conscious choices! Coffee time!



Patty R.
on 4/20/19 5:44 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Good Saturday morning! Busy day for me, Vet clinic for little Louise, then baking for Easter family meal tomorrow. Baked beans are already in the oven for their 6 hr slow bake, next will be Dad's fav--lemon squares. Will have small tastes of beans to check for doneness, will be added to MFP.

2 yr, 7mo out

B COFFEE and more coffee, Egg something

L Tuna LF mayo on lettuce

D Protein forward

S homemade yogurt and ricotta, blueberries

Have a great one!!

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on 4/20/19 6:06 am
RNY on 06/03/15


Last night we went to Palestinian Culture Night at the university - dinner and entertainment - and it was great fun!! Today I'm headed off for a girls' weekend at a rural B&B about an hour from here - that should be great fun as well!! SO...busy weekend!

Accountability - I'm up 3 lbs this morning - I'm sure it's all the restaurant eating (and other eating out) I've done the last three or four days. I'm guessing most of it, at least, is sodium. More eating this weekend at the B&B place, but I need to be careful so this doesn't become a trend. Between this weight gain and the swelling from surgery, I'm feeling really bloated.

3 years 10 months out:

B: protein pancakes with 1/3 C plain Greek yogurt and homemade blueberry compote, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: whipped/sweetened cottage cheese with raspberries

D: ?? I'll be at the B&B. There's a BBQ place in the town closest to there, so maybe that (if so, I'll order pulled pork) - but I'm not sure where we'll end up going

have a great day, all!

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on 4/20/19 7:19 am
RNY on 07/23/14

Good Morning. I am on dessert duty for Easter. Cheesecake is one the menu. Not 100% sure what else. Made some SF brownies w/Protein frosting thanks to a recipe from supershopper....thanks! Haven't tasted yet.

Conditioning day at gym... not my favorite, but that is why I need it.

  • protein coffee
  • overnight oats
  • chicken soup w/veggies and chickpea pasta
  • Dinner- TBD
  • S: protein, cottage cheese, cantaloupe.

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on 4/20/19 9:06 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

Hey everyone. I've been pretty absent lately- life. I've still been consistent despite- but this morning I tossed a box of cookie bars that I'd been using in place of my protein bars I had ran out of. Not.the.same.

I went to the gym this morning to run due to rain. did the hydro massage too- felt so good. I'm going to run a few errands and meet a friend for lunch hopefully. No Easter plans here, no special dinner planned or anything.

216 today, 3.11 years out

m1: egg, ham/bologna & 1/2 waffle

m2: lunch out? Maybe or chicken chunks at home

m3: ??

m4: chicken Parmesan

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on 4/20/19 11:57 am, edited 4/20/19 5:00 am

Hello my RnY friends!

I saw my son last night, which was really good. I needed to talk to him about something, and it all went very well. I'll be going to his house tomorrow for Easter, and have been instructed not to bring a thing - but I'll bring an armload of flowers anyway, plus a tiny little wind-up furry bunny that hops all over the place rather hilariously. I am not sure what's on the menu. We always had a ham, fabulous sausage, colored eggs, asparagus, new potaoes, and potica (a Central European traditional holiday bread). I hope they're making ham!

I have been looking for a blazer to wear mostly with jeans and was having a hard time finding one that fit well. Some looked good open but strangely warped when buttoned, while others didn't fit well at all. Found one yesterday at White House Black Market, a store I have literally never shopped at, but it's perfect, and 40% off to boot. I have to say that it still blows my mind to be in a such a tiny size. I retain a little fear that I will regain as I have so many times in the past, but I am careful and attentive to the scale and my nutrition, so I really hope that by remaining faithful to the rules, I will remain slim! Better to have a little fear than to assume that I'm over it altogether, I think.

Today is the 16th straight day of rain here in Seattle. I go out in it, of course, because otherwise I'd never leave the house. But I have to say it's a bit much, and I really do miss the sun. But at least the days are brighter despite being rainy, and is light late into evening, unlike in December, when the entire brief days were spent in twilight-like gloom . The darkness of winter is behind us, thank goodness!

I am grateful for just being alive, to witness our beautiful world. I am so grateful for my son and for all of my family. I'm grateful for all of you!

First: several big mugs of coffee

B: tuna

L: salmon, yogurt with blueberries

D: shrimp, stir-fried with veggies

Sending you all love this Holy Saturday.

on 4/20/19 12:19 pm - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

I wanna see a pic of the blazer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE White House Black Market.

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on 4/20/19 12:43 pm

Strange that I've never even looked at their things before! But it's a really cute blazer - I'm happy I found it! I'll send you a pic a bit later in the week.

on 4/20/19 12:15 pm
RNY on 01/23/19

Got a lot accomplished today. Little things I could barely do before surgery. Before surgery when I needed to clean my house I could only do one room per day because I'd get so tired and my back would start hurting me. Well today I was able to clean my whole house without needing a break. I have so much more energy now just 3 months out from surgery and that amazes me! Can't wait to see what I can do once I lose all the weight I need to lose! Also one of my co-workers took me by complete surprise yesterday when she made the comment "wow, you are really slimming down!" It's amazing how others can see my weight loss, but when I look in the mirror I still see one huge blob! Hopefully that will change soon and I can begin to see my progress.

Well food wise hasn't been the greatest today. Had a premier protein shake for breakfast and then started cleaning. Got so busy I completely forgot about lunch and now it's after 3. So I think I'll just have me a Greek yogurt to tide me over until dinner. I was gonna have chicken breast for dinner, but forgot to marinate them last night so that will be my dinner tomorrow most likely. So tonight I may just end up having some deli meat and cheese or some carrots and hummus. Or perhaps some soup or tuna....forgot I have some tuna.

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