5 Years Out with Stricture & Ulcers

on 4/27/19 6:18 am

NHi Everyone it's been awhile since I've posted but I need some advice ! I have been at a weight of around 175 for the last 2-3 years. Starting in January I started noticing I couldn't eat very much before feeling extremely sick. I thought it was strange but wasn't too concerned because I've never been able to eat a whole lot. Then it got a lot worse - I couldn't eat anything solid and liquid was getting harder also.i had my 5 year follow up with the surgeon told him my symptoms and he ordered first a CT, found nothing. Went and had an Endoscopy and discovered my stoma opening was about 2MM (no wonder I couldn't eat) they then recommended a dilation which he was able to dilate to 5MM before he stopped because he was afraid he would perforate. I then get referred to a RNY revision specialist in Omaha. She ordered a swallow test, I saw her last week she ordered a series of dilutions 3 weeks apart. I had my first one Wednesday and he stretched to 10MM. Once he could see past the stricture he found a very large nasty ulcer (source of my pain) I'm now on a PPI twice a day and Carafate. He stated that when he does the next dilation if the ulcer doesn't look like it's improving I will need revision surgery? Does this sound right? Anyway it's been an awful last few months with pain and no solid food - I'm down to 135lbs which is not unhealthy but I'm just ready to feel better.

Has anyone else gone through this and if so what was the outcome?

on 4/27/19 8:30 am
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I have no clue about the need for revision surgery but it sounds logical to me. What would the revision consist of?

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on 4/27/19 3:01 pm

It sounds like you need to heal the ulcer and are working on that. I am not sure what difference revision surgery would make and what he would be revising you to. If he plans to take down your RNY, I would be very leary of that and consult a specialist in that type of surgery. It could be very dangerous.

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He just performs the endo dilation the specialist is Dr Corrigan McBride who is the revision specialist closest to where I live. She said surgery options are redo the RNY or reverse it completely. Both choices would be open due to all of my scar tissue. I'm hoping the ulcer heals and they can eventually dilate me to 20mm!

H.A.L.A B.
on 4/28/19 9:13 am

They probably tested you for H-pylori. The bacteria responsible for some ulcers.

If you tested negative for that, it may means that you are dealing with other issues.

Have you start taking any extra medication? Orally or as a rub or a patch? Anything with NSAIDs - there are "systematic" medication and they can cause problems regardless if taken orally or in a cream or patch.

I.e I wish I could use voltaren cream or patch for my pains, but because that contains NSAIDs - I can't.

Another issues may be allergies. Acid production in the stomach - pouch, is a result of histamines that are either in foods, or our body response to some foods. More histamines - more acid. Too much acid = ulcers. Which may mean that unless they docs understand why you got that ulcer - even if they revise you - you may be dealing with similar thints down the road.

Over the years post op (close to 11 years post op) I developed food allergies and intolerances. Last 3 years I have been on a very strong PPI - Rx Dexilant. That is the only thing that so far can help with my acid problem. During that time I try to identify the foods or medication that my body reacts to. Alcohol is a major acid stimulator for my body. Specially any type that contains a lot of natural histamine - like red wines, or beer. I gave them up long time ago, but even white wine, or mixed drinks were starting lot of irritation lately.

App 6 month I stopped drinking alcohol all together. Now I am also trying to limit drinks and foods with citric acid. Or even tomatoes. I hope one day I can have them again.

As for medications - some medication use lactose or lactic acid as a "transponder" - or factor that allow absorbtion. Others use different ones, i.e medical grade SLS. I know because I found to be internally extremely allergic to the very very small amount in medication. I have to take some meds 2-3-4 times a day, and when one year I got new batch, I ended up with a severe GERD like symptoms. By elimination, I discovered the new batch of generic medication was made by a different company than the one I had before, and they used SLS not lactose as "a transporter" - the techical term is "a surfactant". That's how I discovered what I can't not use. Things we learn when we have to, no?

I know I am allergic to dairy proteins, and soy, and a few more. And there are those that I don't show reaction to during allergies testing, but I can get a reaction to that when I eat it.

I.e eggs - I can have up to 3 eggs one day, but I can't have eggs every day, or more that 2 times a week.

BTW: when I abstain completely from food or an element for 1+ year, my antibody to that food eventually drop to very low, almost not detectable. So repeated allergies test after that year or 2 years may show "no reaction" as not allergic to. That could be misleading, because had to discover that information myself and the doctor never mentioned that to me. But once I brought it up - he confirmed I was right. And he was in a way "amused" that someone could really follow "no dairy proteins of any kind" or no soy, for 1+ years. Since one or the other is close to in anything. Specially soy. (If you don't believe me, check it)

I hope you find WHY this is happening to you, and can get it fixed. Good luck.

Sorry for any typos, or errors. I use a tablet and sometimes autocorrect has a mind of its own.

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