What's on your menu today (Photo Friday) RNYers?

on 5/17/19 5:08 am - GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Happy Friday WLS Champs! Its long weekend here for us in Ontario, three days of grey, rain and cool temps, oh goodie (sarcasm)! Good weather has not hit us yet here in and I am starting to get really miffed about it, I mean come on its mid May and temps are only 12C or 52F, I am ready for Summer! What are you all up to this weekend?

Accountability: great and I have been doing extra good on my liquids lately so I am happy about that

QOTD: What kind of mattress do you have and what size is it? We have a King and its a foam mattress. Love it!!!!! Its only about 3 years old and I love the size of a King, wish we had got it sooner!

TSS: 5 years + 6 mos

B: coffee with vanilla premier protein used as "cream" and 2 eggs

L: 4oz bbq grilled chicken breast with SF bbq sauce & four large strawberries

D: 1 cup chicken stir fry

S: Quest protein bbq chips & SF chocolate pudding cup

V: Patches are on (Iron, Multi, Vit D & Calcium) + oral B12

E: 10km hike with the dogs are the local provincial park & then bath the dogs!

L: 150oz or more is my target

Saw this on FB and it made me giggle - have an awesome weekend everyone!

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RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

I'm meeting a friend (who's also my co-chair for our civic organization) for coffee at 9:15 to discuss where we are with planning for next season. Then I do my monthly presentation to a pre-op group at 11:00, then lunch with another friend at 12:15 at the low-carb cafe. Then...??? Tomorrow I have a reunion luncheon for a group of women who have gone on cultural exchanges to Japan (I went twice - once in 1999 and once in 2003). There will be three or four people there who were on my trips - it'll be great to see them again after all these years! (although that means dealing with the shocked reaction re: my weight loss - I haven't had to deal with that in awhile! Pretty much everyone has either already seen me at a normal weight, or never knew me as obese). Hopefully this rain will let up at some point over the weekend, as I REALLY need to get out and walk. I still don't feel like I'm ready to resume exercising (or at least the kind I do), but I can certainly WALK...)

QOTD: we have a queen. It's just your basic mattress with box springs. It's about 20 years old which I know means it probably should be replaced, but I still love the thing.

3 years 11 months out:

B: protein pumpkin pancakes with Carbmaster cinnamon yogurt and homemade apple/cinnamon compote, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake, more coffee with half & half

L: at the low carb place - I love their Asian meatballs over zoodles, but I should get something else this. Maybe the pad thai (made with zoodles)

AS: if needed, light yogurt

D: blackened salmon and fresh broccoli

have a great day, all!

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on 5/17/19 5:46 am - Brighton, IL

Good morning,Daisy! It makes my day to see your post. QOTD we have a king at home and a queen in our camper. The king is just a regular mattress but we replaced the standard camper mattress with a deluxe foam one. I about

died at the pricetag but it was SO worth every penny as now I get a good sound sleep and don't toss and turn like before. One good week of work done here at Camp Indicoso with all screens repaired and benches started. Got lots of steps in yesterday carrying 2Ã--4s and pulling and stacking them when they were cut to size. Accountability was spot on and weight is 123.2. I even got all my water in too. Lily and I have taken one long walk and will do 2 more shorter ones as well. Here's the food plan B2/3c earnest eats hot cereal L 4 oz. Deli chicken with 1 piece cheddar cheese D 4 oz roasted lamb chop--yum-- with 1/4 c green beans S if needed2 oz pork rinds. Trying really hard to stick to protein plain foods and not bars. When I start using protein bars the sweetness makes me crave more sweet treats. So even though they are SO yummy I just have to stay far away from them. I have no sense of moderation when it comes t o anything sweet! Here's pic of a door I rescreened beauty in the woods here,and,of course my walking buddy Miss Lily!



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RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning Daisy! Glad to see you out here but so sorry you are still fighting with the migraines; hoping the better weather comes your way and that helps.

QOTD - I have a queen, i ordered it online from a company called Saatva....I love it but I did not do a good job measuring the mattress and box springs combined height...and now I use a step stool to climb into bed, lol.

Busy weekend for me here - meeting friends to see the Tolkein bio pic tonight and have dinner; tomorrow my bestie and I have a girls day planned including staying downtown at a chi-chi hotel and seeing Wicked with brunch and some book storing on Sunday before she heads home and I head to see Trevor Noah at Red Rocks. I'll be exhausted on monday but so worth it.

For the other Skinny Syrup peeps - I just found a bottle of lemon elderflower which I think is going to go nicely in some iced tea or jazz up plain water over the summer!

Menu today

Coffee and more coffee and then water/tea

B - cin raisin cottage cheese (Daisy, I am so sad you can't get this up there)

L - 3 oz black pepper deli turkey and .8 oz cheddar

D - will be out but thinking Berry-Aspargus salad with grilled chicken

S - will take a power crunch bar to the movies just in case I get the urge to snack; it's not even a full two hour movie though so should be ok.

Have a fantastic Friday and great weekend all.

*edited to add photo friday -- in honor of Sunday's Game of Thrones finale, here are some of my pictures of "kings landing" (Dubrovnik, Croatia). The bell tower played a pivotal role in last week's episode; the photo looking down is the "map room" and then those are the steps up to the Red Keep. (Dubrovnik is an amazing city, even without Game of Thrones).

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on 5/17/19 6:40 am

I too love Dubrovnik!

on 5/17/19 6:57 am
RNY on 02/12/18 with

love the GOT pics! haha...also Wicked is my ALL TIME favorite musical. I got to see it twice in Chicago and every time I hear the music I get goosebumps!

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RNY on 02/14/18

My all time favorite is Avenue Q...but Wicked is #2. I was actually telling my bestie "I don't think I can justify seeing Wicked again...but I really want to"..and she said she'd never seen Wicked so that's how I justified it, lol.

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RNY on 07/23/14

Love Wicked, sounds like a fun weekend.

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If you can, pls give a kiss to Trevor Noah for me. I think he is just YUM!

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RNY on 02/14/18

If you hear about a woman being arrested at RR on Sunday...it might be because I tried:-)

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