What is on your menu today (Wednesday) RNYers?

on 5/22/19 3:01 am - GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Hi everyone, we made it to mid week! How is everyone?

I have to apologize to Karenp8, we posted a menu yesterday at the same time and I didn't notice yours so I am sorry!

QOTD: If money was no object and you could shop in any high end clothing/shoe store what what it be and what would you buy and tell us the rough estimate of cost for that item. I would LOVE a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, the "Blixa Alligator Pumps" only $4,600 or a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, the "Sexy Strass heels" only $3,095. There are many more things I would like to buy but keeping it at heels for me.

Accountability: good minus not meeting my liquids due to being at the Funeral etc. Will work on that today

TSS: 5 yrs + 6 mos

B: lots of coffee with 1 vanilla PP used as creamer & 2 eggs over easy & 4 slices of bacon

L: open face hamburger (no bun) with ketchup/mustard and pickles

S: cheese whisps

D: turkey burger with goat cheese

S: power crunch bar (wild berry creme flavour)

E: 60 min boot camp class & 5km hike with the dogs

V: patches are on (multi, iron, calcium & Vit D) oral B12

L: 150oz is my daily target

Have a good day everyone

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on 5/22/19 3:27 am - Brighton, IL

No need to apologize Daisy! I was just happy to see you post as I know you are probably feeling better that day. Thanks for starting us off today early. If I don't post early it doesn't get done. Last year at this time was when I stopped posting and being accountable and I will not do that this year. Lily and I will head out for a walk in a minute and weather permitting,we'll do more as well. Accountability was spot on food and stepwise yesterday and weight is124 today. I'll be spending today painting again. QOTD can't think of any clothes or shoes I'd buy but I'd take the money and pay off our RV. It would be great now to have that payment every month. Here's the food B1/2c sterl cut oats we with protein and peanut butter L 4 oz deli chicken and cheese D 4 oz ground beef patty with cheese no bun S 2 oz pork rinds if needed. Have a great day full of smart and healthy choices everyone!



Patty R.
on 5/22/19 5:38 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

I completely missed your post yesterday, sorry.

on 5/22/19 3:53 am
RNY on 02/14/18

It's hump day! We are half way there (well, I'm a bit closer since I decided to take Friday off!).

qotd - not a particular store in mind but I could drop serious money on leather or wool coats - I saw a gorgeous wool coat on Sunday, it was Peruvian with incredible scroll work detail and it was 895; also looked at a really sharp short mauve leather jacket that was on sale for only 655. I bought neither, lol.


probably not as much coffee as I feel I need, getting up at 2:45 to catch a 5 am flight.

b - 3 oz black pepper deli turkey breast

s - frozen built bar

l - yogurt most likekly

d - tbd, meeting my brother, sister in law and step mom for dinner, not sure where

have a wonderful Wednesday all

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on 5/22/19 6:31 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

Good thing we don't go shopping together because I would have forced you to buy the mauve leather jacket. It sounds so cool.

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on 5/22/19 5:09 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

I'm meeting the treasurer of the organization I chair later on this morning to get a few things knocked out, then I'm taking my mom to the ophthalmologist this afternoon for what she said would be a three-hour appt (3 hours?? I can't imagine!). She found out the other day she has macular degeneration (the "wet" variety), and she's very freaked out. Although I know it's easy for ME to say, but at age 84, things could be worse. But I'm sure I'd be freaked if it was me, too.

DH and I bought tickets to "Hamilton" (in Chicago) last night - we're going Aug 14. I'm so glad. I've been wanting to see it but have been too cheap to spring for tickets, but the prices have come down a bit, and the thing is closing sometime this year - so now is the time!

QOTD: I'm too frugal to spend that kind of money on clothes - I would feel guilty for MONTHS! If I had to spend it, it'd probably be on some home improvement project - but my natural inclination would be to save it.

3 years 11 months out:

B: 3 protein pumpkin pancakes topped with 1/3 C plain Greek yogurt and 1/2 C homemade apple/cinnamon compote, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake and more coffee with half & half (or maybe herbal tea - I'll be at a coffee shop)

L: deli turkey with lettuce, tomato, and reduced fat mayo on a Flat Out FoldIt

AS: light yogurt and/or raw veggies with ranch dip (made with plain Greek yogurt)

D: probably whipped and sweetened cottage cheese with raspberries

ES: same as AS

I hope it's not going to rain all day. I'm feeling like a slug. I need to WALK (since that's still pretty much all I can do for the time being..)

Have a good day, everyone!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 and 03/29/19 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

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on 5/22/19 5:29 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Good Morning Daisy and Menu Family,

The horse show on Sunday went really well. I competed in Trail (riding through a pattern of obstacles) and Western Pleasure Walk/Trot. I won a 4th place ribbon for Trail and a 2nd place ribbon for Walk/trot. (Don't be too impressed, there were only 2 of us in walk/trot, so technically I was last place - LOL, but the judge did say we both did very well). I will post pictures on Photo Friday.

QOTD: Even if money was no object, I would still buy clothes from Swap.com or our local Dollar Auction. I love getting a bargain and I don't like to spend any more money than I have to on clothes.

Accountability: Yesterday: I did okay until dinner time when Saralisa and I made a stuffed crust pizza and I ate too much of it. Oh well, today is another day.

B: 3 slices bacon, light & fit Greek yogurt

L: chicken pot pie

D: 190 calorie microwave meal

S: banana, prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt

Have a great day everyone!

~ Karen

on 5/22/19 5:57 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm the same way. The only things I buy new are underwear and swimsuits. It kills me to see even $20 for a top on sale - I'm used to paying $4 (or less!) at a thrift shop!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 and 03/29/19 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

HW: 373 SW: 316 GW: 145 LW: 138 CW: 150

on 5/22/19 8:33 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Sounds like you had a successful time at the horse show!

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Patty R.
on 5/22/19 5:35 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Good Morning!!

QOTD: I have a serious hand bag obsession. I found a 2nd hand Dooney and Bourke at a decent price, but I would buy a brand new one or three!

TSS 2yr 8mo

B: coffee w/ sf coffee mate, miralax, Turkey breakfast sausage

L:Ham and cheese rollups, pickle slices

D: Bun-less cheeseburger, onion slice, mushrooms

S: HM greek yogurt, fresh mango

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