6 days post op

Tiff tells all
on 5/27/19 3:02 pm - Ewa Beach, HI
RNY on 05/21/19

I had my revision to RNY surgery ON Tuesday. There were some slight complications in recovery (vomiting/nausea) so I stayed 2 nights in the hospital.

It's now day 6 and I'm moving about well enough, standing straighter and I have no pain while lounging around. It's still rough getting in and out of bed though, the recliner, off the toilet, etc. The worst is if I have a coughing fit which has been happening the last two days. It's productive, probably anesthesia leftovers, so that's good. But far and wide that is the worst pain. Oh, and laughing ?OUCH!!!

My stomach is still quivering and spasming multiple times a day, it's the oddest sensation.

I'm tolerating all my food and beverages really well but struggling to get in over 50 oz of liquid a day despite how hot it is at home. I notice that ice water first thing in the am starts me off nauseated. But a warm beverage is lovely.

So far Day 6 is Tylenol only. Oh I and I finally poo'd this am! I am celebrating now ? ?

Finally took some "before" pictures with my husbands help.

I'm very happy to be recovering with ya.


Current MD- Dr. Mikami, Honolulu Hawaii

Lapband 14cc AP Lg in 2008- slipped and removed 2016 -VSG July 21, 2016-dx Gerd

** RNY Revision 05/21/2019 **

"A few drops of hope can water and nourish our garden" - Jean M

on 5/28/19 6:50 am

Congratulations! Hope you continue to heal well. Maybe comedy movies are not the ones to watch right now? hehe

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