Need help with Iron Infusion issues

on 6/14/19 3:17 pm


I finally received an Iron Infusion 10days ago. I have been trying to get this since October, when my lab results showed my Ferritin at 7. I was referred to Hemotology, who declined and referred to GI specialists. GI Dr. ordered the Iron Infusion, but said my Primary Dr could have order d it. Anyway, it was a total body iron infusion of Dextran. It took 8 hours. This is first time I ever had this done. They did lab test prior cause Oct one was outdated, and Iron levels were worse, Ferritin down to 6 just before the infusion.

I am still not feeling better. I have very low energy. Was hoping it would help by now. However, I no longer have ice cravings, so it's doing something. Does anyone know how long is normal before I feel better? If this was the correct Iron? And do I need more infusions? Since infusion I have been taking bariatric Iron chewables daily. I have to be pro-active here, as my Doctors seem clueless and my HMO requires, referrals or pre authorization for anything. This is getting so old and it's depressing me now. ?. Help please.

H.A.L.A B.
on 6/15/19 8:47 am

Sometimes it can take a few weeks.

When they tested iron, did they also test B12 and copper? Some people Ave problem with copper also when they have problem absorbing iron.

Another IMO important is B12. I don't feel good when my B12 gets below 800. Even though normal for my labs testing it is 300-900, I feel best with my B12 800+.

Energy- not only iron is important but also proteins level, vit D, and thyroid hormons. Iron is needed for proper Thyroid function, so if you had low iron, your T4 and T3 could be low.

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on 6/15/19 9:39 am

I'm starting to feel a little better each day, so maybe it's finally kicking in. I am a little annoyed the Dr hasn't even checked on me or asked for a follow up blood test to see where the levels are.

Regarding Thyroid, I have Hashimotos disease, and had thyroid removed and it was cancer. So I keep a close eye on thyroid level and now have a good Dr. and I feel like that is OK right now.

I take B-12 OTC twice a week, last time it was checked was too high, as I used to take it daily.

Thanks so much for your reply. ?