"Donating plasma"

Mary Gee
on 6/16/19 8:36 am - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Have you/can you apply for Social Security Disability? Some states offer "welfare" benefits while your disability claim is pending.

Hope things get better soon.


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on 6/16/19 8:40 am

I will look into this.

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Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir. Lake West Medical Center, Willoughby OH

on 6/19/19 7:03 am
RNY on 02/04/11 with

Don't be too embarrassed to call your doctor. It's best to get their professional opinion to avoid any potential issues that might come up from donating. I also donate at Biolife. My RNY was in 2011. I've struggled with anemia and have had one series of 8 iron infusions 2 years ago due to my iron becoming dangerously low. So keeping a close eye on your iron level is IMPORTANT! (My anemia is due to malabsorption--not from donating at Biolife.) My doctor told me that he feels it's fine that I donate my plasma. But I DO follow up with him regularly to keep a close eye on my iron levels. Biolife also monitors your iron & protein levels and will not let you donate if they don't meet THEIR requirements. I hope this helps. And I hope your personal situation turns around for you!

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