I'm back, with a familiar story

Teena D.
on 6/21/19 12:24 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Hi everyone,

A few of you will remember me. I used to post very regularly but then dropped off and now I'm back dealing with about 20 lbs of regain. First it was "only" about 8 but then I had 1/2 my thyroid removed and the weight's been steadily creeping up since.

I've read so many posts about this happening when people stopped posting and thought for sure it wouldn't happen to me. So here I am, thoroughly embarrassed and chastened and realizing this is where I come for help. I've been reading online articles and trying different diets when really this is where I need to be to get all the help I need.

In reading through the menu thread, I realize I'm eating far too much. I am going to start posting again there, and tracking in MFP. Also need to get back to protein first. I haven't drank a protein shake probably since about 5 months out from surgery. I'm not sure if that will help me get back on track or if it will add unnecessary calories.

Please no judgement. I know I've screwed up. I need to get to the gym, get tracking- and it won't be easy. But I didn't come this far to throw in the towel now.

Guess I need to update my signature and tracker.

RNY Jan 12, 2019 Lost 134 lbs but regained 24

110 lbs lost and counting!

Losing the regain! I got this!

on 6/21/19 3:07 am - Brighton, IL

Glad to see you back,Teena. I can relate as I too had regain when I stepped checking in here. I've lost 18 and have 2ish yet to go to get where I feel best. You can do it. Personally I don't use protein shakes as good dense protein keeps me feeling full much longer. You'll have to figure out what works for you. Measuring my food amounts and planning and being here is the key for me. Welcome back!



on 6/21/19 4:02 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Oh Teena!! SOOO happy to see you bac****rtainly NO judgment from here and if anyone on here does give you attitude, Karen & I will beat them up!

You are always welcome here wherever you are and I am SOO proud of you for recognizing what works for you. Keeping healthy and the weight off is no easy task and certainly not magic. There are so many people who come here for the first few weeks, months, etc. and then decide that they don't need accountability and support. We are always glad when they come back and share where they are, their successes and, not failures, but difficulties. Life is REAL and sometimes REALLY tough.

Hope you will become a regular part of the group again!

ALSO you MUST post regular pics of puppykins!

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on 6/29/19 9:51 am - NC
VSG on 03/11/15

I am also one of those "lost" sheep that is finding their way back to the herd. I am a VSGr though. But it doesn't matter what you had done, you had it done for the same reason. It isn't quite the same dynamics since our surgeries are different .. but the head game is the same.. today is day 2 for me here. I sporadically have charted on MFP .. today will be a complete journal. It's never too late to get your head back together. I read a quote recently.. sort of like, failure isn't failing..not getting back up is..



on 6/21/19 5:48 am
RNY on 11/22/16


I remember you! I'm so glad to see you back. This journey is hard. Be kind to yourself. I am still 30 lbs from goal with a bit of regain this year. I keep plugging along though.

Patty R.
on 6/21/19 6:28 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Me too!

on 6/21/19 7:13 am

glad to see you on here.. I've gained also and I venture to say there are only a handful of people who haven't gained anything from their lowest weight.

I would really like to lose about 20. If I restrict too much I will overeat/binge so there is a delicate balance for me to lose.

I also have not been as active as I used to be though I do workout 3-6 days a week.

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Teena D.
on 6/21/19 8:04 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

That's so helpful for me to know. I too binge if I'm too restrictive and haven't found the line yet.

RNY Jan 12, 2019 Lost 134 lbs but regained 24

110 lbs lost and counting!

Losing the regain! I got this!

on 6/21/19 8:18 am
RNY on 06/03/15

YAY! You're back! I've been hoping you'd eventually come back to join us - you've been missed!!

Teena D.
on 6/21/19 9:50 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Thanks so much Trish!

RNY Jan 12, 2019 Lost 134 lbs but regained 24

110 lbs lost and counting!

Losing the regain! I got this!