What's on your Friday(Photo Friday)menu,RNYers?

on 6/21/19 3:19 am - Brighton, IL

Good morning menu friends! Quick post for the day before we pack up for a 6 hour drive to our next destination at the Midwest Mission Distribution center. Accountability was perfect yesterday both food and stepwise and weight is 122.6 . Lily and I will take a long walk in a few minutes and another one this evening in Chatham. I'll also get steps as I pack up and set up again in Chatham. Here's the food plan B 1/2c steel cut oats with protein and peanut butter L 4 oz deli chicken and cheese D 4 oz salmon we didn't have last night S if needed hummus and 4 pretzels. Have a wonderful day full of smart and healthy choices everyone! Now it's time for some coffee! Pics of some of our work this project.



on 6/21/19 4:13 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Morning everyone!! We made it to Friday again! Yippee!!

Karen, your work looks lovely and I hope that you, DH and Lily have safe travels to your new location! Also I am so proud of you and keeping to plan to keep losing. Slow but sure!

Well, today isn't as hot and humid...although it certainly is summertime! I hope that I can finish up some garden/yard work this weekend, laying more mulch, planting the last bed and starting work on the backyard now. Lots more hours of heavy work but the results are beautiful!

Also have a workout with another potential client on Saturday who lives in Pierre, SD! Fingers crossed that we can make this a regular thing.

Another doctor's appointment with DW this afternoon and hoping against hope that we may get some progress this time (diagnosis, treatment plan, meds that actually work...)

I did a class workout last night with my trainer and I'm back again at lunchtime for a heavy workout. Hoping for no "injuries" this week and maybe even some increased PRs.


B: coffee thus far, TJ's ham & 1/2 cup plain oatmeal w/ raspberries & slivered almonds soon

S: turkey breast before the gym, protein shake afterward

L: TJ's chicken sausages & baby carrots

S: CarbMaster yogurt & more turkey breast before heading to the appt.

D: I am really craving a crab cake, so fingers crossed for that on the way home!

Have a great day everyone!

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on 6/21/19 5:23 am

hi all quick one for me- have on site demos to deal with today so have to be fully caffeinated and prepared for.

my weight is up 3 pounds from yesterday fro no apparent reason so whatever.

we are looking at houses tomm with relator, and I need to build in some gym time this weekend. things have been hectic a little the past two weeks.

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Teena D.
on 6/21/19 5:37 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Good morning!

Karen, your work looks amazing! Great job.

Kids are finishing up final exams Owen has 1 at 8:30 and Chelsie at 11:30. Then they have one each on Monday.... and then Chelsie is done! Her graduation is on thursday and her prom was last Friday. I've attached some prom pics and some pics of Obie at Janet's request.

Day 1 - I usually put things off until Monday but I really want to get back on track.

Breakfast- I'm working from home today so I'm going to have omelette bites. I really need to grocery shop as my cupboards are bare.

Lunch- we had chilli last night so I'm going to have that for lunch.

Dinner- we're eating out tonight for a belated Father's Day and we haven't chosen the restaurant so that's still up in the air.

Debating on buying protein shakes- thoughts?

Weight today 184.4

I will be drinking at least 96 ounces of water and taking my vitamins.

Have an an awesome day!

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Patty R.
on 6/21/19 5:55 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Hey girl, nice to see you here!!

on 6/21/19 6:35 am
RNY on 02/12/18 with

I LOVE her prom dress...beautiful!

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Teena D.
on 6/21/19 9:58 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Thank you! She felt beautiful so that meant a lot!

RNY Jan 12, 2019 Lost 134 lbs but regained 24

110 lbs lost and counting!

Losing the regain! I got this!

on 6/21/19 7:11 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

Nice prom pics.

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on 6/21/19 8:16 am - Brighton, IL

Obie is quite the handsome boy!



Teena D.
on 6/21/19 9:58 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Thanks Karen! He's my baby!

RNY Jan 12, 2019 Lost 134 lbs but regained 24

110 lbs lost and counting!

Losing the regain! I got this!