food passing through our bypassed GI system

on 7/29/19 2:49 am
VSG on 06/28/17

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well as we move closer to August (already!). I had a food and anatomy related question. I am noticing that I can sometimes eat foods and they seem to be tolerated ok as I am eating them (the foods that are safe for me to eat right now) but then later, even the next day I notice horrible discomfort that I am nearly sure is the food moving along at different points in my bypassed anatomy. I have 2 locations where I notice this discomfort. One is on my left side, lower down, (I have had surgery to tack up some small intestine that was starting to twist after my bypass so I don't know if it is scar tissue or what. I just try to be patient and the feeling eventually subsides). The other location is lower but further along the GI system iykwim. I am really frustrated because I don't know what the answer is. Too high carbs sends my heartrate up uncomfortably and I need the protein but some of the forms I am craving so badly end up causing next day pain. Am I alone in experiencing this or have others also experienced this? I was not thinking this far post op it would be something I would be dealing with but I have had a few complications so I know my post op experience is not the norm. Separating out what is my norm vs. what others also deal with has been something I need to do for my own benefit as a gauge for progress, I guess. Thanks for any input or shared experience

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on 7/29/19 8:00 am

I get IBF? like symptoms if I eat a high fat meal like ribs or full fat cheese . I tend to eat fat in spurts ( one fatty meal makes me crave another ) . The next morning I often have to run to the toilet and I usually wake up with my tummy cramping .

I know my RNY is working because the product is yellow and often you can even see fat globules in the water .

I don't get issues from " carbs" because I usually eat them fat-free and as sugar free as possible . I do " dump " from one too many tastes of a catered dessert ( which is a horror show involving rolling on the ground sweating swearing to God I'll never do it again just please take this pain away ... ) I assume you're familiar with this side effect of the RNY and that's not what Ure talking about ... hope this is slightly helpful