Sun Menu n Exercise

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on 8/5/19 5:04 am, edited 8/5/19 5:17 am

Finally the last day of shooting ! I must have walked across the street about thirty times lol and in the background hall to water cooler in an office building etc etc ...they promised me some lines but then forgot in the rush to wrap up by the end of the day :( Still .... worked four days so hair nails teeth whitening investment is almost paid for .. and I have leads to like ninety projects I just gotta get em my headshots and resume . For now it?s fun.

Early breakfast ( I have to get up at 2:30 am to make the five am makeup call ) Scungill in fra diavolo sauce over roasted winter squash . Chai tea latte w ff half m half n stevia

b- sour cherry turnover two smallish apricot linzer cookies fat free chai latte

L- roasted chicken breast meat guacamole hummus homemade fresh flatbread raspberries

large espresso skim latte w stevia n cinnamon

D - 1/2 egg salad and pickle commercial sandwich

2/3 fresh strawberry and pastry cream croissant

Late dinner ( I got home 10:30 pm ) scungilli in fra diavolo sauce w fresh herbs w baked caramelized squash

2 skinny frozen vodka cosmopolitan freezer pops

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