Mon Menu n Excercise

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on 8/5/19 5:36 am, edited 8/6/19 7:34 pm

Finally a chance to rest a little !

Trying out my recipes before making a tv show pilot making diet lunches for my hairdresser ( as well as myself ) less leftovers ! She?s Dominican so has very different tastes .

I wish I had the advantage of running a restaurant because there when you put something on the menu you get indubitably honest feedback from a variety of people if it sells or doesn?t sell repeatedly .

Foodie channel audiences basically prefer skinny hosts that make disgustingly decadent food or folks that stuff themselves or eat grubs and chicken feet ... so it?s an uphill battle to make skinny recipes and they have to be PERFECT ... interesting but foolproof and easy to make and also utterly delicious .

Todays lunch is indoor grill barbecued mini chicken breast skewers w apricot dipping sauce / main Skinny Cheese Enchiladas w Fresh Made Restaurant Salsa Fresh made guacamole ff sour cream. Side - semi homemade Mecican Restaurant Salsa . Dessert : fresh homemade strawberry fat free gelato in homemade waffle cone w ff whipped cream. Snack is carrot celery sticks w fat free onion dip Nd 2 cups watermelon chunks .

My b is chai tea latte and I?m thinking of experimenting w a fresh fat free tzaziki recipe . Yes I know Cedars makes a great widely available low-fat Greek yogurt Tzaziki dip ... but I?ve never made it fat free so I?m gonna try . One of my favorite foods !

Im also going to bake some fat and sugar free or VERY low sugar strudel ( except for the pecan flavor) plan on poppyseed / cherry , apple ,pecan cherry, sour cherry and apricot/fresh peach . These freeze and heat up great and are wonderful to offer as a variety w coffee to friends who drop in unexpectedly .

Would also like to make fat free Spumoni by layering homemade chocolate/ almond ,pistachio and fresh strawberry homemade gelatos . This will take a while as my inexpensive Japanese Kojiice cream maker ( 19.99 on sale in Target) requires freezing the container eight hours each time before you make it grrrr.

looking forward to a beach walk

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