Soft foods Striking out, 2/2! Probably TMI- Sorry

on 8/6/19 12:32 pm
RNY on 07/22/19

Alright, so I had my revision to RNY from VSG on 7/22/19 (with hernia removal, revision due to acid issues caused by VSG), and got cleared for soft foods yesterday morning. For dinner I tried 3 scallops cooked in olive oil spray and 1/4c whole fat cottage cheese. It went down fine over the half hour and I was shocked that I didn't feel any restriction or fullness from it. My stomach felt perfectly happy. Fast forward a half hour after eating- I was in the bathroom and things were not going great. I assumed it was the fat from the cottage cheese so I avoided it today and measured out an ounce of salmon (my book says 1 oz salmon with 1/3c cottage cheese as a sample). I took some really tiny bites of salmon and chewed well. I ate about half an ounce- which looks like a normal human bite- and noticed it was sitting very heavily in my stomach. I stopped eating and sat down and went back to work. Slowly I noticed it coming back up and it felt like it was lodged in my sternum (familiar feeling from when I had VSG and took one bite too many) and then I just had to bend over and let it come up. Now I feel discouraged that both days that I've tried food have gone badly. Is there things I'm consuming that cause people issues? Anyone have any suggestions? At this point I just feel like going back to protein shakes!

on 8/6/19 1:01 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

I wouldn't consider salmon or shrimp in the soft food category. Apparently, your stomach doesn't either.

There are bumps in the road. When you hit one, back off and go to softer foods for a while. For us soft meant something that would smoosh through a fork easily.

I know a few people years out who still can't eat salmon.

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on 8/6/19 6:40 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

You don't have to go back to shakes, but going to things that aren't quite as solid might be wise. Try cottage cheese or yogurt, ricotta bake, mashed refried beans, or something else with a similar texture.

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on 8/7/19 2:03 am

I find salmon tough to keep down nine years post op lol! Try fat free cottage cheese .. easier to digest than full fat ... fat free refried beans w a slice of fat free American cheese melted in ... chicken noodle soup ( now you can actually eat the solids not just the broth ! ) Eggs work IF you use mostly whites ... I like to mix an egg white liquid product with a bit of fat free half n half n butter buds whip it with a fork to make it fluffy and either make scrambled eggs or an omelet. You can fill the omelet w fresh spinach n fat free feta cheese n mushrooms if you like or just use a slice of melted American or Swiss style fat free cheese . ((())) Congratulations on your successful revision !

on 8/7/19 4:15 am - WI

Ignore the advice from the previous poster and skip the fat free foods. Full fat foods keeps you more satisfied and the fat free versions are usually higher in carbs. They have to add carbs and all kinds of chemicals to replace the fat in order for it to taste good. There is nothing healthy about "frankenfood".

Eating fat does not make you fat....eating empty carbs makes you fat.

From your menu...I think you may be eating too much. Just because your surgeon suggests you eat that much doesn't mean your body agrees. Revisions are harder to recover from. I had a lot of swelling in my stomach for months after surgery and could eat about two tablespoons of solid food before I felt uncomfortable.

Also remember that your restriction is going to feel very different with this revision, and they cut through a lot of nerves, so you will not even feel that restriction and fullness until the nerves grow back.

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on 8/7/19 5:55 am - MA

^^^^THIS^^^^ Rocky nailed it. My experience to RNY revision was similar--here are a few tips.

1.) Don't eat anything that isn't as soft as the consistency of refried beans.

2.) Eat way smaller bites, even of the softest foods. I used a pickle fork and baby spoon to help me.

3.) Eat full fat versions of cottage cheese & yogurt to help stay full. You aren't eating nearly enough to gain weight from that and it will help!

4.) As Rocky said, don't be discouraged if you don't feel a full sensation yet. It will come as the nerves heal.

5.) Just because the doctor gives you a plan, doesn't mean it's true for you. Everyone heals differently, so if you need to take it a week or two slower, its no big deal!

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on 8/7/19 12:09 pm - Putnam, CT
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Sounds like you advanced your menu (without really knowing it). I would not consider scallops or salmon a soft food. They look it, but really aren't. I highly recommend eggface Shelly has recipes for all stages of WLS.

Remember to take small bites and chew well even the soft stuff before you take another bite.

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on 8/8/19 6:04 pm
RNY on 07/22/19

I tried the ricotta bake (ended up taking off the cheese because I cooked it too long and it was hard to chew well enough), and greek yogurt as well as sharp cheddar cheese slices and all have stayed down fine! Thank you all for your suggestions!

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on 8/7/19 5:08 pm
RNY on 07/22/19

Alright, so it sounds like the consensus is that I picked prob the worst "soft foods" my plan outlined ? I took a few days off of attempting food and just made the ricotta bake. I'm just going to put a little spoonful on the plate and try that today and if there are no problems eat some tomorrow! Thank you, guys!

Also, I wasn't allowed to drink and eat with the sleeve either obviously and I never did because it caused physical pain but for some reason every time I take a bite I get the urge to take a drink. Which is weird because I haven't been doing that in the last almost 6 years. Just a weird fun fact I thought I'd share ?

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