Fri Menu n Exercise

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on 8/9/19 3:59 am, edited 8/9/19 4:04 am

shopping day = plenty of walking lol . Maybe a sea dip later .

B- egg white ff cheese n Chinese chive omelet

chai tea skinny latte

l - eggplant n Chinese chives in garlic sauce w slow cooked beef from Aldis visible fat removed

or vegetable cakes at Ikea w homemade fat free spinach bake ( potato latke mix , butter buds, spinach purée w roasted garlic cloves , ff half n hLf ) depending when I leave . Free coffee at Ikea w milk n sweetener.

D - maybe a Greek Salad w fresh homemade made Tzaziki , stuffed grape leaves , chickpeas, fat free feta cheese and fat free blue cheese dressing yum !

gettin ready for beach walk in a bikini top n shorts ( in shallow water it makes it a better workout ) because I just found out I?m invited to Donald Trumps Southampton fundraiser on Sunday so my legs and tan have to look good . :) Gonna do some ab arm posture and waist work too ... Im Excited !!!

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