Whatâ??s on your Sunday Menu RNY'Rs?

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RNY on 12/19/17

I guess I?m starting today. I had a wedding yesterday but Accountability was great the scale said 142.2 this morning. So I?m happy.

i did eat a chocolate covered pretzel at the wedding I regretted all evening glad to know I can never do that again.

TSS 1 year 8 months

B coffee with Toasted marshmallow coffee creamer.

B2 sausage and Protein Pancakes

It?s all up in the air from here I?m going to an amusement park.

QOTD: Do you have someone you know in you life that refuses to acknowledge your accomplishments. I have someone I work with who works remotely so does not see me often but refuses to even say anything about my weight loss even though I have lost at least 75 more pounds since I?ve seen here last it drives me crazy. I?ve known her for over 25 years so it?s not like she didn?t know my struggles. It does drive me crazy.

Brightest blessings everyone

have a great Sunday


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RNY on 02/14/18

Have fun at the amusement park!! The NSV of doing things we couldn't do before/had to spend a lot of time planning/researching for are really powerful and exciting, aren't they?

qotd - my mother but to be honest I prefer it that way

b - cottage cheese with .25 oz chopped hazelnnuts. I really like the carb master cin raisin cottage cheese but the plain version from "good" seems to leave me full longer

l - probably a protein bar

d - p3 pack or maybe meatballs, depends on my energy level around dinner time, lol

Have a great Sunday all!

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on 8/11/19 5:50 am - Brighton, IL

No walk for Lily and I this morning as I woke itching and covered with poison ivy rash to the point the left side of my face is swollen. I did some weeding yesterday and obviously got into it somewhere. I even wore long sleeves and long pants and washed afterwards with special soap that's supposed to help remove the oils. Will make a visit to convenient care here in a bit for some help. I was allergic to poison ivy as a child but the older I get the worse my reactions are. Accountability was perfect for food and stepwise yesterday and weight is 122.2. I will take at least a short walk with Lily this afternoon and will get back to my routine tomorrow. Here's the food plan for the day B 2/3c steel cut oats with protein and peanut butter L 4 oz leftover fish from dinner yesterday D 4 oz lean pork chop S if needed sm apple with peanut butter. Have a wonderful day full of smart and healthy choices!



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RNY on 06/03/15

yikes!! Sorry to hear that, Karen!

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RNY on 08/29/18

Sorry about the poison ivy, that is the worst.

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on 8/11/19 6:49 am - Brighton, IL

Yesterday it was only on my legs but today its everywhere even on my face. Yikes!



Amy Liz
on 8/11/19 6:46 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Feel better!!

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Patty R.
on 8/11/19 7:04 am - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

I hope you find some quick relief!!

on 8/11/19 8:30 am
RNY on 11/22/16

So sorry to hear about the poison ivy! Hoping you can get some relief soon!

on 8/11/19 11:47 am

Hope you find relief very soon, Karen!