on 8/12/19 6:26 pm
RNY on 01/23/18

Has anyone had reflux (no acid or bile) after surgery? I had an esophagram that showed I reflux up past the clavicles.

on 8/12/19 8:10 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I had GERD pre-surgery. It went completely away for two years, but now it's back. It's not as bad as it was pre-surgery, though. It's more stomach discomfort now (gassy, acidy, sour) than GERD though, I think. I've only had that burning throat sensation maybe 5 or 6 times in the last couple of years.

on 8/13/19 8:16 am

I still have GERD and take ranitidine 150 bid. But its much more mild than pre-surgery.

HW 510 / SW 424/ GW 175 (secondary after PS) / CW 182

RNY November 2016

PS: L/R arm skin removal; belt panniculectomy - April, 2019

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on 8/13/19 7:14 pm, edited 8/13/19 12:14 pm

Fat is the major ? discomforter ? . Eating fat laden meals makes Ur tummy make far more acidic digestive juices .

I had a giant birth defect that runs in my family ... Dad and Grandma also had / have it . A huge hiatal hernia that brought stomach acid into my esophagus . It was fixed and miraculously ... no more GERD ... however I notice when I do eat fat 9 years post op ... yeah I get an echo of the discomfort back . Sucks.

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