Mon Menu n Exercise

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on 8/13/19 1:25 am, edited 8/13/19 1:30 am

B- reheated skinny eggplant parmesan lasagna large piece

chai tea latte w ff milk

s - toasted English muffin w ff dill / scallion whipped cream cheese ( deli style ) slices of wild caught smoked salmon w dill

L- played around w skinny blooming onion recipe and air fried breaded mushroom slices

D - cuccuzzi ( Italian 3 foot long squash ) w ff garlic sauce Chinese chives green onions snow peas

air fried lemon chicken breast

red wine spritzers w seltzer n Pom/ cherry juice

idnite snack - skinny seafood salad w ff mayonnaise , celery

exercise - gardening , short beach walk

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