Wed Menu n Exercise

(deactivated member)
on 8/14/19 4:15 am

Last Day of show ( thinking of buying massive Madagascar Opal necklace ... need it like a hole in th head lol but it's gorgeous and a decent price . I'm addicted to jelly opals !

Bought some Framesi copies yesterday to complement ones I designed a million years ago for an Italian company . In rose gold ... something Framesi didn't use but I'm convinced he would have if it had been popular in the sixties n seventies .

The Framesi store in Trump tower really influenced me to love artistically designed jewelry and silver . I'm so glad his genius designs are being popularized now : they're so flattering n wearable .. uploaded some photos see what U think .

B - Chai tea latte w skim milk Stevia Sweetener and ff whipped cream

maybe a skinny reheated eggplant Parmesan lasagna

l- more city offerings

excercise - walking show all day then doing third day of decluttering stuffed to the gills closets and stacked books ( ROOMS ) of stacked books n papers in apartment I'm being paid to renovate / organize / decorate . Also put in three hours there last nite after show .