Fri Menu n Workout

(deactivated member)
on 8/17/19 5:04 am

Mid nite snack - most of s sliced avocado ff pepperjack n Swiss smoked turkey and tomato sandwich on flaxseed bread

b- chai tea skinny latte otherwise not so hungry lol

snack - toasted English muffin w homewhipped fat free scallion dill cream cheese and sliced wild caught smoked salmon

l- 1/3 reheated baked skinny Arthur Avenue Artichoke

Caesar salad ( romaine w onions tomatoes sliced hard boiled eggs and semi homemade Caesar dressing ( about half envelope powdered milk mixed w 1/4 cup fat free Caesar dressing from Maple Grove Farms . Amazing taste ! So good and it's genuine Caesar !

3-4 giant stuffed baked pasta shells stuffed w fat free ricotta fat free Alfredo sauce fat free mozzarelll and Romano cheese . Sauce was homemade fat free creamy pesto - a ton of basil fat free half n half butter buds garlic ( the base was knorrs pesto sauce )

Pina colada ice pop from Aldis ( 2.5 grams fat )

d- green soup from Ikea and hardtack Swedish bisquit

2 red wine spritzers w seltzer

late dinner - 3 homemade indoor grilled sliders w pepperjAck cheese fat free of course on olive bread toast

mid nite snack - toasted English muffin w smoked salmon slices and fat free red onion Swiss chard and homegrown dill cream cheese

excercise - shopping

on 8/22/19 7:29 pm

I thought your style sounded familiar. In'chatted ' with you when obesity help had a chat room. Ava!! That was 16-16 years ago and you were working in fashion in NYC. Fashion week i remember. You also sent me a gorgeous purse. I sone things are the same. Hope all is well with you