Fri Menu n Workout

on 8/23/19 6:29 am, edited 8/23/19 3:47 pm

midnite snack - fat free ? Velveeta ? ( powdered milk n melted fat free cheeses) and 2 loads air fried fat free crispy tortilla chips

Mexican Restaurant semi homemAde salsa

Salt gave me leg cramps ! Had to get up repeatedly to take calcium / magnesium n drink water :0 :(

b - chicken salad from a can w fat free mayo

1/2 English muffin toasted

chai tea latte skinny

l - watermelon slices

orange juice ( trop 50 )

More cheese dip w tortilla chips

afternoon snack - zucchini zoodles dipped in Aunt Jemima buttermilk ranch pancake mix mixed w organic raw egg butter buds and rolled in Italian breadcrumbs w cheese n air fried

Homemade fat free Tzaziki w 0% Greek yogurt cucumber n smashed garlic cloves n fresh dill from th garden

tostones ( green bAnana rounds air fried smashed seasoned n air fried again . Yum ! )

red wine spritzer w peach seltzer

tot relaxin day jes gimme d beach n my gorgeous productive garden Shampoo blowout n nail tips mani pedi day ... and salt scrub beach walk n dip first :)

I would def hav someone clean MORE and mow th lawn n cut the 200 feet of six foot tall hedges . A lady comes in now approx 30 hours per week - I let her get away w murder though and clean behind her ... stoopid .