Sunday Menu n Workout

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on 8/25/19 5:02 am

Midnite snack - more Turkish stuffed eggplant " shoe "

half large can chicken w 2 tablespoons lite mayo ( ran out of fat free need to order ten from Amazon)

Chai tea skinny latte

Workout ; jumped around panicking for like an hour this morning searching my handbags the car my drawers I was so scared bf either robbed me or brought someone in who did ...( he fed the kittens when I was workin in the City ) . It felt like getting kicked in the gut ! I called my gf she reminded m I put everything back in the work safe jes like I'm supposed 2 If I only had a brain ... :)

VERY busy day today not made easier by necessity to flea bathe all cats n kittens first . The fleas here are VICIOUS and I don't want them spreading in the house . I put a fresh application of FRontline on the male yesterday when I discovered em ? he's still infested grrr . Then hair wash ... like a two hour drive to Queens real estate projec****ering another hour and a half to nursing home of BF with clothes for her .. then hour and a half drive home. Exhausting !

My appetite is completely gone but it's not like I'm starving so who cares lol...

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on 8/25/19 10:10 am

I'm still exhausted today after all day driving n stress Thurs ... don't know when fiancés brothers r flying in 4 wedding cousin Aunt also .. we don't even hav a date nor does he hav a suit or m a dress or flowers or catering . His Mom invited literally like 100 people so we hav 2 feed em ! Oh boy oh boy ...

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on 8/25/19 10:15 am

Stress eating all day : at least it's fat free except for the pecans ...

tensies: three egg white 1 egg yolk skim powdered milk butter buds n green onion n fresh basil fat free cheese n fresh Swiss chard kinda - omelet yum!

Ten pralined sugar free mostly fat free pecans

air fryer crunched tortilla chips w fat free Velveeta n restaurant Salsa n guacamole .

Gotta tell everyone I can't come today hopefully tomorrow ... gotta now th lawn neighbors r complaining

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on 8/26/19 12:33 am

Jes kept eating : I guess you'd call this a Big Pouch Day !

More Fat Free melted Velveeta and air fried fat free crunchy tortilla chips

cheese topped lowfat mayo canned chicken salad on toasted English muffin

2 halves ( yep I ate the whole giant thing ) fat free Arthur Avenue Artichoke ( and it tasted great ! I ate mostly th delicious vegetable though left most of the breadcrumbs behind .

midnite snack homemade fat free Tzaziki

still hangry ... it's a choice between some Scungill in Fra Diavolo Sauce or more Velveeta n crackers .. for some reason today I'm eating fat free cheese and more cheese ... can't get enuf . Weird