Newbie Considering RNY

on 9/5/19 4:49 am
RNY on 03/05/20

Hello all! I've been lurking in the forums for a few months now. My BMI is 37 5'5" 224 lbs and I have GERD, hypertension, fatty liver, and sleep apnea. I considered WLS a little over a year ago, but decided I would give it one more shot by myself. I lost almost 40 lbs on a very restrictive low cal, low carb, low fat diet. Unsurprisingly, I gained it all back once I started a new relationship and herniated a disc in my back. So here I am again.

In July my PCP signed off on me having the surgery and agreed as I've struggled with my weight my whole life. Last month I met with the surgeon who is suggesting I get RNY due to my reflux. I was hesitant as my PCP told me to get the sleeve, but I'm starting to lean towards the bypass now that I see a lot of people's reflux greatly worsened after VSG. My sister-in-law had a VSG in March and is doing wonderful, but she never had reflux before.

My insurance is requiring a 6 month supervised diet plan which I'm doing through my surgeon's practice. I have all my appointments set up including Psych, Nutrition workshops, and behavior workshop. I have to get an Upper GI study next month which is scheduled and an EGD although that is not scheduled yet. My last workshop is December 4th. My insurance company said once they receive documentation I will have an answer in 72 hours. I'm mildly stressed about going under the BMI requirement.

Anyways, I've received great info from this site and it seems like people that use this forum as a support tool seem to do better with their maintenance and health eating. Thanks!

on 9/5/19 1:38 pm

I had rny in 2010 and it was the best decision I ever made. I didn't use obesity help as a tool for support back then and after maintaining for several years I had regained. Use the site it will help you for sure I wish I had stuck around before. Good luck on your path.

White Dove
on 9/5/19 3:50 pm

With a BMI that close to the border, just eat healthy but be careful not to lose enough weight to no longer qualify for surgery. Some insurance companies go by your beginning weight. Some will say that you proved you did not need surgery because you were successful without it.

So stay at your 37 BMI

I agree with RNY due to your having GERD.

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on 9/6/19 4:21 am
RNY on 03/05/20

Yeah my nutritionist said she would be closely monitoring my weight every month and if I start to lose too much I will have to eat more healthy fats. I'm really trying to follow the healthy eating plan. I'm so used to such restrictive "diets" that I was so hesitant to eat things like bread or fats.

It just bums me out because I had that taste of what it is like to be thinner and buy smaller clothes. Now I'm just embarrassed and ashamed that it was all for nothing. And I'm back to not fitting into things. And now I have to stay this way in the hopes that I will be approved. Sorry to whine I just feel like so many of you understand the struggle.

I think I am leaning towards RNY. My only concern is no NSAIDs. I have a recently herniated disc in my lower back that still causes me a lot of pain. I'm also really hoping losing weight will relieve some of that pain.

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on 9/8/19 5:23 am

I had RNY as a lightweight about nine years ago and have done very well both health and weight wise ( Thank God ! ) . I choose to eat a high vegetable very lowfat diet though - exactly what my surgeons team recommends .

I barely qualified BMI wise for surgery and then lost a lot before surgery on my surgeons recommended largely liquid diet ... I was SO SCARED the day of surgery that he wouldn't do it lol ! But my insurance only measured my weight at the beginning ... ((())) good luck !