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on 9/9/19 6:07 pm

I just had the surgery and was informed that my stomach is the size of an egg! I can only hold 3 ounces of food! Can anyone relate? I saw one person had the surgery but still had 70 percent of their stomach! That's strange

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on 9/9/19 7:28 pm
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It's pretty standard that your pouch holds about 3oz. :)

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on 9/10/19 1:51 am, edited 9/9/19 6:52 pm

Only your surgeon can answer that question for you. There is no standard size or procedure for exactly how big the surgeon makes your pouch. Many surgeons go with a pouch that is one ounce, about the size of a walnut. My surgeon created a micropouch, which was a half ounce and a bit less than the size of a grape.

Whatever the starting size, the pouch does get larger. A mature pouch can usually hold eight to twelve ounces of food by volume. That is between the one cup and one and a half cup mark on a measuring cup.

The person who posted about having 70 of their stomach left was highly unusual.

Nobody's pouch should stay the original size. If that happened we would eventually starve to death.

With VSG, there are standard sizes. VSG uses a narrow tube called a bougie. That is inserted into the stomach and used as the template to form the pouch. Surgeons use size 40 to size 60. This is an interesting chart of how sizes differ from largest to smallest VSG size.

However, by the end of six months, there is almost no difference in size.

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on 9/10/19 8:57 am

Thx for clarifying that for me! I called the nurse it holds an ounce not three! Wish I was better informed

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on 9/10/19 7:20 am

Some crazy lightweights like myself actually ask for a larger pouch size because we prefer eating a high fiber low-fat diet ( or a largely vegetarian one which is also bulkier but very healthy ) .

I don't know about 70 percent though - my surgeon said my pouch would be about 30 percent of my tummy size . That with hiatal hernia repair put me at goal just months after surgery and I've been holding at 19 BMI pretty much ever since ( 9 years )

I too vomited liquids post op ( still occasionally do so I can't drink fast ) and I can't eat reheated food ( particularly meat ..Shudder ..) .... often either .

That said ... I'd call my doctors office . Four weeks post op you should be able to keep down mushies... I lived on fat free refried beans with fat free cheese melted on top .

Be careful of eggs - you don't want to risk your opening your stitches thru vomiting and they're pretty high fat and don't stay down well for many right after surgery .

I used egg white products and fat free half n half n butter buds 4 taste to make a lighter version of scrambled eggs - that stayed down ok as did spinach purée ... sugar free applesauce ..even fat free mashed potatoes made with fat free sour cream , skim milk and butter buds.

((( ))) good luck !

Tunafish is another dicey one I'd stay away from if you're nauseous ...

on 9/10/19 9:12 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN

I'm 10 years post RNY. I had endoscopy earlier this year and my pouch measured 2-3 ounce size. However, when you chew whold food throughly, you can compact quite a bit in a 3 ounce pouch. Of course, liquids and slider foods just run straight through your pouch because there is no sphincter to hold liquid or slider foods down.

I wait 30 minutes after eating to drink any liquid.

Hope that helps,


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