Tues Menu n Workout

(deactivated member)
on 9/10/19 7:33 am

Gonna try to get a beach walk in today , some gardening and some necessary shopping too .

B- very lowfat homemade seafood salad on toasted English muffin

l - Greek salad n mezze plate - stuffed grape leaves olives chickpeas onion tomato lettuce obviously ... homemade Tzaziki air fried falafel balls fat free feta cheese maybe some hummus . Kraft Fat free blue cheese dressing ( marries well w the Feta cheese )

d- either homemade Thai chicken soup ( Tom ka Gai ) made fat free by substituting skim milk powder and coconut extract for lite coconut milk ( tastes the same 1/2 the calories and no fat ! ) I start with organic chicken stock and add delicious tasting very fortifying small amounts of Chinese dried herbs and fungi " for chicken soup " ( so it says on the box in the Oriental Supermarket where I buy it for like three bucks ) ( enough for six pots of soup ) . Don't know why exactly but these herbs are AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE fighting head colds or in my case right now ... pollen allergies .