Tues Menu n Workout

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on 9/17/19 4:26 pm

Yep I'm a lil bored w this .

B- skinny Swedish meatballs w gnocchi n baby bok Choi in mushroom- paprika-,fat free sour cream sauce .

L-tea w fat free whipped cream n voddie

d-red wine spritzer .... third book of the day

the more I read the more I know how depressed n scared I am . I think I'm about to lose the lA job I can't conplete the NY decorating job ... my car broke down :(

on 9/17/19 5:19 pm, edited 9/17/19 10:20 am

Sorry you are having a bad day. Whats voddie?

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 9/18/19 10:18 am
RNY on 08/05/19

Knowing Ava, it's probably vodka.

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on 9/18/19 4:21 am

This isn't a confessional but I try 2 b as honest as the site lets me without gathering censorship . ( theirs not mine) ( you got a buncha forum nannies here too just SO READY to push the complaint button on any honest but challenging or god forbid unpleasantly topiced thread . )

I do think Ure absolutely right about the high risk and probably far higher than acknowledged rate of transfer addiction post Bariatric Surgery . The problem is anyone who tries to talk about it ( except like Nancy Reagan - just say NO ! ) gets censored ... and I mean like FOREVER.

I guess they think it's bad for business ?