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I've been looking to see what people are eating. I'm curious most of what I'm reading I don't understand or let's say never heard of it! I'm a southern girl use to southern types of meals. I'm excited about trying new things, however I can't eat tuna or eggs! I see a lot of recipes with eggs. Any suggestions would help at this moment since I'm on purées. I've been eating refrained beans, and trying the canned chicken! The only thing I can truly stomach are the mashed peas and potatoes. Would love to see what other options are out there. I'm hungry

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The eggface blog will be your best friend as you move through the stages. Lots of fans of the ricotta bake at the purées stage (and even later!).

she has great ideas for all stages

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RNY on 01/23/19

Oh the purée phase is one I definitely don't miss!!! Some of my go to's were the ricotta yummy! I also love Mexican so I'd have me some refried beans mixed with some ground beef, shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa puréed of course. My mom also made me some homemade veggie soup and puréed it real good. If I had a sweet tooth I'd have me some sugar free chocolate pudding with some low fat whipped cream on top. Hang in'll be eating solid foods before you know it!

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If you are looking on the menu thread, you are looking at people who are years ahead of you and our pouches can basically eat like we did pre-op, now. As Jen mentioned, EggFace's blog is really the best out there to give ideas for someone in your stage.

I really didn't do meat for 8 weeks. I basically became an expert in turning ricotta as a base into anything. You can add spices and make it savory--I remember adding a little bit of pesto and it was delicious--you could add in any of your southern spices to recreate the flavors you love! Unjury makes a protein powder that tastes like chicken soup for when you need a savory taste that isn't a sweet flavor.

Or you can mix Ricotta with the sweet protein powders and sugar free pudding powders to make sweet treats. I got super creative with it. Cottage cheese and yogurt are also good bases. I still like to add peanut butter flavored protein powder to plain Greek Yogurt for a yumm treat!

The other thing to explore is how to turn a pRosien shake into something slightly different. You can use an ice cream machine to turn protein shakes into a frozen treat, or you could just make frozen pops!

And you can experiment with adding protein powders to warm liquids, too. I start every day (still 3+ years out) by adding mocha flavored protein powder to my hot morning coffee...

Get creative, because you should be 100% protein forward right now, and since your little pouch doesn't fit much--peas and potatoes are only holding you back from putting the right foods in. Plus, those carbs are likely perpetuating the hunger...

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Thank you!

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on 9/21/19 9:09 am

I did not eat peas or potatoes for over three years. They might have been on my list of acceptable things to eat, but that did not mean that I ate them. I also did not eat chicken or any meat during the first three months, because it felt too heavy.

I used the Eggface site all of the time. I got creative with protein powders, sugar-free foods, ricotta cheese, and sugar-free pudding. I bought an ice-cream maker with its own refrigeration and had protein ice cream treats several times a day.

You don't just have surgery, lose weight, and move on with life. To really enjoy wonderful health and to retain the lost weight, it takes attention and planning. Track everything you eat and drink and get in as much protein as possible. Your new pouch does not have room to waste on starchy carbs like potatoes or rice.

I use an app called Paprika Recipe Manager. It lets you download recipes, then create a menu and a shopping list I know every week exactly what I am going to eat, what I need to buy, and never find myself without the things I need to fix a meal.

The key to me is planning great meals that meet your needs and keep you healthy.

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