10 years out, need support

Betty S.
on 9/21/19 12:14 pm - Mesa, AZ

Hi all. I was VERY active here 10 years ago, after open RNY. time passes, and it's so easy to just kind of slide away from the RNY life. I was arrogant in my self pride on keeping off the weight. Kept up with vitamins, drank a gallon of milk a week, avoided sugar, didn't drink around eating...yada yada yada. I was so happy at being healthy that I donated a kidney in 2014. and gradually slid away from my good habits. And now I weight 195, I have osteopenia (tripped and broke a shoulder) and my cholesterol is elevated.

I am determined to get control of this, and part of my plan is to participate on OH again. This forum was always the best place to support and get support.

I look forward to getting to know you all.


White Dove
on 9/21/19 3:47 pm

I am in awe of a person who is generous enough to donate a kidney. Thank you for doing that.

Getting back on track for me is something that takes time and planning. I am at the point where I can eat like a normal person, so have to work at not gaining weight. I find having a set goal with a date attached to it really makes a difference.

My current goal is to lose another five pounds by October 12, when my niece gets married. The dress I am wearing will look OK whether I lose the weight of not, but I would just like to be at that weight on that day. I don't set big goals. I am currently 11 pounds over my goal weight, and want to be completely at goal by Thanksgiving.

I set small goals, track my food and exercise, and weigh daily. I might get discouraged, but I never totally give up. As you have learned, we never will be cured. But we will always have a tool that makes it easier for us than it is for those who never had surgery.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/21/19 4:20 pm

Nice to meet you! I hope all things work well and get better!

Amy R.
on 9/22/19 12:02 am

First, thank you so much for donating a kidney. My brother is alive today because someone donated a kidney to him. What a gift you've given.

Unfortunately there's no secret way to lose regain. You know your body and what you need to do. You know what works for you. The only way to finish is to start.

Soak up any and all encouragement. Remind yourself often that it will likely take longer to get it off than it did to put it on. I ended up shooting for a pound or two a week. It took months to get some of my regains off (I had three!). Keep slogging and be that person *****fuses to give up. It may take a bit to get all of the pounds off but you'll feel better each day and pound that you get through.

Good luck. You can do it. Start anywhere. But start.

on 9/22/19 11:46 pm

Hi Betty! So glad you're here, and hope you post often. We're all in the same boat here, all facing very similar struggles. We newer folks look forward to getting to know you!