Close to goal after complications

on 10/3/19 4:12 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I am getting closer to goal after some surgical healing complications and time on a feeding tube. I am hoping that later this month my surgeon will be on board to agree that it is time. My biggest anxiety is after doing so much to GAIN weight, making the right choices to keep it in the healthy range. We are taught all the ways we are supposed to eat pre-op but that often goes out the window in certain situations. Well, I will need those tools and that knowledge if I want to live a healthy post-op life once this feeding tube is removed. I know I will struggle with portions and head hunger versus true hunger because of being told to eat pretty much constantly whatever I can regardless of hunger. (Ironically eating like that led me to morbid obesity so the mental struggle and shame have been heavy. I do see a therapist trained in eating issues though.) Right now I am just trying to focus on health and not the number on the scale as much, although I know that the number on the scale is what will eventually lead to better health.

I have learned so much from the veterans who have posted and shared their experiences. It has helped boost my morale and made me realize this is a moving target. It is a snapshot but it is not forever. I love this board.

on 10/3/19 7:16 am
RNY on 02/14/18

You have been through the ringer!

It's exciting that you are feeling like you are getting to the right spot, even though you know there's still hard work to stay there and stay healthy!

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on 10/4/19 2:56 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I have learned so much through all of this. I can't say I would ever wish to have to repeat it; however, I can still see the value in knowing how important health is and clarifying the reasons I had bariatric surgery. The accountability here on OH helps me keep my head on straight many times. I enjoy reading all of the threads even when I don't have anything to contribute.

H.A.L.A B.
on 10/4/19 12:46 pm

I am still roughly normal weight. Not near close underweight. But my DEXA scan showed extremely low (for a woman) body fat%. Way below woman essential body fat of 14-15%.

I had to start eating more, and I had to give myself a permission to eat more. more foods that are carby. I gained a few lbs but I know I need to gain a little bit more. But thin at a time. It is what it is.

Having the DEXA scan that shows I had very very little fat left under my skin, my boobs, etc... is helpful for me to give myself a permission to eat more carby foods.

Some of them include bananas. Surprisingly, as long as I eat banana app 30 min before my meal, it does not cause RH (reactive hypoglycemia) and it is easy on my insides. Plus - once i gain as much weight as I need to - I would be able to stop buying and eating them.

And home made sweet potatoes, or sweet "steak cut" fries. or more carrots.

The is a point that when we are too skinny - we are neither strong, or... good looking. We just look older and tired.

I went on a 18 days vacation and I allowed myself to eat bananas, other fruits, fries, burgers and ....drink beer. I was able to gain app 6-8 lbs. My skin looks much better. It is not as transparent as it used to be. Initially I wanted to re-gain app 15 lbs... but now...I realized that I like the skinnier me... and I'm going to see how I am going to feel overtime, app 7-8 lbs below what my common sense tells I need to be.

I still eat an occasional banana, and berries. That sits well. And nuts.

I hope you can start feeling better and eat more, and more frequently.

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