Sharp pain

on 11/20/19 12:59 am

Hey fam, hope all is well.

Occasionally I get a sharp pain in my stomach (pouch) that lasts for about 5 seconds.....I've noticed if I'm laying on my back for a while and make a quick movement to turn on my side, I will get this pain....not all the time, but here and there....I know i will have to ask doctor....but has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

on 11/20/19 4:03 am - WI

There were a lot of nerves cut when they resected your stomach. When nerves repair themselves it can sometimes be painful.

Sometimes we grow adhesions (scar tissue) which can attach themselves to different organs. This can cause pain also.

If it is intermittent it's probably nothing to worry about, but I would still bring it up to your doctor.

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on 11/20/19 5:15 am

Thank you very much