Stacy E.
on 12/5/19 6:35 pm, edited 12/5/19 6:37 pm

I notice biotin comes in such large doses i.e, 1,000 mcg and up. I was told in a FB wls group that too much biotin is not good for you at all and can cause mis read levels and even cardiac arrest. So how much biotin is really safe to take additionally to your multivitamin if any?

White Dove
on 12/5/19 7:11 pm

I took it for my hair and nails. It did not help at all, but I grew a lot of facial hair. After a few full facial waxings, I figured out what was causing it and threw the biotin away.

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Citizen Kim
on 12/6/19 5:06 am, edited 12/5/19 9:06 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I take the recommended dose of 2500 mcg per day and am not worried about it being too much as it's a water soluble B vitamin, B7, so you pee out excess.

As with ANY supplement, you should let your medical team know you are taking it as it may interfere with certain test results. Couldn't find anything to say it is linked to cardiac arrest, just cardiac tests.

If you are concerned, I would recommend you discuss it with a medical doctor or pharmacist.

FB wls groups are notorious for misinformation and crap advice!

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on 12/14/19 12:28 pm

In November 2017, the FDA issued a safety communication that Biotin may interfere with lab tests and cause incorrect results. For example, hormone tests and tests for markers of cardiac health. I would be very cautious about supplementing it, especially as many folks don't find much improvement with it. If you still want to take it, make sure to discuss it with your healthcare provider first. a-warns-biotin-may-interfere-lab-tests-fda-safety-communicat ion

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