Revision for RYN?

on 1/21/20 2:44 pm

what is a revision? I've been checking the forums for information on it. I had my surgery over 10 years ago. Did great first couple of years then slowly went back to gaining. I've had no support this whole time. Noone to talk to about this. Please help.

White Dove
on 1/22/20 4:46 am

We have a revision board where you can go and do research. The problem is that those revisions do not result in much weight loss. The average is 20 pounds and that is mostly from the liquid diet before and after the surgery.

The only "revision" that helps is the one that takes place between your ears. About 50% of weight loss surgery patients regain 50% of their lost weight by year five. By year 10 they have regained more weight.

The first years after surgery it is easy and that is the time when you have to work the hardest to learn the habits that will keep the weight off for life.

I have dealt with regain and will always struggle with weight. In January 2019 I was almost 30 pounds over my goal. I joined Weigh****chers and lost 20 of it. Then I thought I was fine and quit Weigh****chers.

This January, I had 10 pounds of regain and started out 20 pounds over my goal. I am back on Weigh****chers and now have 14 to lose. I plan to be at goal by June 1.

I do best with a structured plan. Weigh****chers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Noom and others all work as long as I follow them. I need a plan, a definite goal date, daily weighing, and exercise.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 1/22/20 5:28 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

From eight years of attendance at a bariatric support group, I have listened about revision--a surgical procedure. Examples of revision are to: correct damage done by a failed bariatric lap band procedure, correct RNY bariatric surgery when the bypassed stomach re-attaches on it's own (fistula), and correct regain by performing a different bariatric surgery. It might be worth it for you to check and see if your WLS center has a program devised especially for regain. My own regain is mostly related to easing up my post-RNY lifestyle changes. Eating less and moving more are the obvious solutions. The hardest and, who knows maybe the most important, is holding on to self-love.