Constipation on pre op?

on 2/5/20 5:25 am
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Hey Everyone,So I started my pre op diet on 2/1 my surgery day is 2/12 I'm a few days in and the last few days I've been constipated I'm in so much pain right now,I'm wondering if it's the protein shakes....I'm drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily ,2 shakes and a meal....If anyone have any suggestions or dealt with this before I'll take any tips.

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on 2/5/20 5:47 am - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

How exciting that your surgery date is coming up! Many people here put a few tablespoons of Miralax in their shake - that can really help. You may want to combine that with a stool softener that you can get at the drugstore. Constipation is a very common occurrence after surgery as well if you are sticking to a high protein and very low carb diet - especially since the first few months, you don't really get any fiber. So you may want to get the big tub of Miralax at Costco or Sams :)

Good luck - the pre-op diet is tough but gets your head in the game and also shrinks your liver so your surgeon won't nick it. RNY was the best thing I ever did for myself!

on 2/5/20 6:43 am
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Thank you, I'm post vsg almost eight years, I remember I was constipated for 8 days after my surgery but I don't remember having this issue before on my pre op diet. I definitely have my head in the game for this pre op diet but the last two days of not being able to poop is killing....I will definitely order that miralax from Amazon today.

on 2/5/20 7:55 am

Try adding some chia seed to a fruit smoothie, or make some chia pudding. This stuff works miracles!

Keep up the water, but definitely get some help to get things moving. I have chia daily, and it works.


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on 2/5/20 8:31 am
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I might have to try the chia seed pudding later,I took a laxative in hopes that it helps.

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/5/20 8:06 am

It sounds like your preop is low fat, low carbs. That for me would almost always contribute to constipation.

I use Miralax every day. I would be rather concerned getting really constipated before surgery, because anesthesia plus pain meds would stop any movement in me. And thinking of the "stuff" decaying and fermenting " inside me for days...ugh..

Ask the dic if you could add Miralax (or Costco equivalent) to the shakes.

When I get severely constipated I use "the top and the bottom" approach. I use Miralax like stuff from the top, and enemas from the other end to try to remove the really hard things, and stimulate my colon. Using a lot of vaseline "down there" to help protect it was important.

(Gross: when I had a severe issues I had to use vaseline and rubber gloves to help. Gross.. but you got to do what you got to do. No?)

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on 2/5/20 8:41 am
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Yeah that's exactly my diet low carb 2x shakes and sensible meal 6 ounces of meat and veggies or salad and lots of fluids. I took a laxative in hope that it gives me some relief. This is definitely a shock that my body is reacting like this. I dont remember this happening when I did the pre op for my vsg.

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RNY on 02/11/13

You are on the mark, H.A.L.A.B. Despite all my efforts I ended up in the ER for constipation about 6 months after my emergency surgery for perforated ulcers. Not fun - actually humiliating. Your approach is spot on!


on 2/5/20 10:17 am

I utilize Dolcolax overnight relief. I take 3 every night (1-3 as needed for severity) before bed. Long term use (as told by my surgeon) has no ill effects. Helps me greatly and I consume 100-120 grams of protein daily with a ton of liquids as well

Good luck! Only a few more days to go!

on 2/5/20 12:51 pm
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Thanks for the tip I'm about to order me some from Amazon right now so that way I'll have everything prior to surgery since I already dealing with it