on 2/7/20 5:00 am
Good Morning!
Colleagues, my zinc rate was lower than the normal level.
How much zinc do you normally eat? What is the appropriate amount of Zinc per day for those who have bypassed?
In Brazil, Centrum has a smaller composition than the American one.

thank you in advance!
on 2/7/20 8:47 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Bom dia Cris! Hope you are doing well.

This is what I found on zinc on the ASMBS site.

All post-WLS patients should take 4 RDA zinc, with dosage based on type of procedure (Grade C, BEL 3): â?' BPD/DS: Multivitamin with minerals containing 200% of the RDA (16-22 mg/d)
RYGB: Multivitamin with minerals containing 100-200% of the RDA (8-22 mg/d)
SG/LAGB: Multivitamin with minerals containing 100% of the RDA (8-11 mg/d)

So, with having RNY, it looks like their recommendation would be 8-22 mg/d

good luck!

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