Ulcer with gastric fistula formed...

on 2/11/20 5:43 am
RNY on 06/19/17

Hi all.... I need help because I'm really scared.... I had my surgery June 19 2017, was readmitted 2 times due to complications with my 2nd stomach....for a year and a half after my gastric bypass I foamed and threw up every meal... all they said Is go back to your original food plan... ie liquid diet.... my surgeon left to be an orthopedic surgeon in Cali a few months later...... The new surgeon I was assigned to has been so rude and nasty and I don't understand how so many people like him because my experience with him has been so confrontational..... his name is Dr Texiera..... during 2018 I had to get infusions for iron which went very well.... then that Dr left the practice and the other hematologist was horrible which started to make me feel these drs didn't care about my concerns because I was a black woman.... so I just didn't go back to Him either..... I have been lethargic low energy and not well this entire time after my surgery...... But I have been under severe emotional stress the last 9 months...in Jan I got a test showing my iron reserve was almost to zero so I got an iron infusion.... I had sever chest pains and went to the ER.... they said it's stress ... however I went back to the hematologist for my next iron infusion and he said he wouldn't give it to me because he believes I'm bleeding internally somewhere..... I then went back to Dr Texiera and we had a huge argument he was talking over me just saying what he wants without actually listening and I had to respectfully put him in his place and he pushed for and endoscopy from Dr Ivanina who I really like...... My results are a clean ulcer and an fistula next to the staples and an uneven suture line.... I am SCARED beyond belief,... In reading about this It can be a lot of reasons, however for me to have surgery, I do not want Dr Texiera inside me.... he gives me no confidence he cares about me or my well being.... I need a good surgeon and idk where To find 1 in NYC where the hospital treats you well and the Drs listen to what you actually say.... Being an American Black Woman when drs don't listen is a terrible feeling .... especially when you have to entrust your life to them literally... I am so nervous IDK WHAT TO DO.... How do I find a good Dr that knows about this kind of issue and has success with it in the past? Does anyone know of Another Gastric Dr In nyc that is great ? Any help is welcomed

on 2/11/20 6:11 am

Sorry you are having such difficulties. I have no advice for you other than a reminder that you are your best advocate. A quick search on this site will show you bariatric doctors in your area, perhaps reading their profiles will help you. Wishing you the best of luck.

on 2/11/20 6:18 am
RNY on 06/19/17

Thank You

Gina 18 Years Out
on 2/11/20 6:25 am - Burleson , TX

Maybe call the Member Services number, on the back of your insurance card? They should be able to give you names, of surgeons who are within your network, their rankings, etc.

Bleeding internally can be a very serious issue. Some of the best physicians, I have ever worked with (retired nurse, here) were rude human beings. Given the choice, I'll take their smarts, over their personality, when it comes to my health. But that's ME

Please keep up updated. I'll keep you in my prayers

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H.A.L.A B.
on 2/11/20 7:14 am

I'm so sorry you are dealing with that serious complications.

I am in SC and I know there must be good doctors in your area, but I don't have a name to give you. Because it is a revision surgery, you really need a great doctor to operate on you. If I were you, I would also have issues being operated by someone I dont trust.

Post that question on DS forum, they often know great doctors in different areas. If a doc is great doing DS, he or she would probably be great to do a RNY revision.

Are you taking or have you taken any NSAIDS since the surgery ? Orally, or in other form like patches or cream? For some of us, even small amount of that can cause severe reactions, pouch and small intestines irritation and ulcers. They also may need to check your remnant stomach. Because that can be also a serious issue.

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Julia S.
on 2/11/20 8:22 am - Beaverton, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

I understand what you are saying, the surgeon that I was originally referred to did not listen to me and disrespected me. When I was supposed to go back for the next appointment I cancelled it. Fortunately there was another surgeon in the practice that I totally loved. He really listened to me and did not tell me I didn't know my own body.

I had ulcers twice after surgery, I did not have the H. Pylori bacteria, and had to do 2 courses of Carafate for them. In a little over 1 year I had 5 EGD's and was not happy. I never took NSAID's and they do not know why I got the ulcers. Except stress is a huge cause. Now I take my omeprazole twice a day and haven't had another one.

I wish you luck finding a surgeon, there are several members here that live in NYC maybe they can help you. All I can say is trust your instincts, if you do not want them to operate on you don't have them do the surgery. It's also not just men, the first surgeon was a woman. I thought she would have more empathy but she had none. Take care of yourself and let us know how it goes.

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on 2/11/20 3:54 pm

I'm sorry that you're going through this. I am 14 post surgery and had a bleeding duodenal ulcer that almost killed me. I had no external signs of bleeding. I collapsed and ended up in intensive care getting 4 units of blood.

My surgeon retired and I had to find a new one. I have had gastric problems for a couple of years. I found mine through my primary physician. I now have a blood doctor, and a gastroenterologist. I have had so many tests to fi d out what is causing my problems, but I'm not stopping till I'm well again. I search and read reviews on the doctors that I need. I also ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Keep searching till you find someone that you trust and will help you. I wish you Wellness.

on 2/12/20 4:57 pm

I recommend you contact Dr Ara Keshishian in Pasadena, CA for a virtual consult. Not sure if you're able to travel to get the right care but a consult may at least give you info on what your issues are and how to proceed. Dr K is an amazing bariatric surgeon with lots of experience with complex abdominal surgeries. I had surgery with him 18 months ago and am doing great now.

on 2/13/20 7:40 am
RNY on 01/30/20 with


i too live in NY but my surgeon is From Advanced Laprascopic Associates in Paramus NJ.. You should call Dr. Ewing that my surgeon and look at his reviews. He did all 3 of my surgeries last one Jan 30, 20..The office number is 201-646-1121...

Email me personally and we can chat more..

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