Seeking advice on VSG to RNY

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VSG on 03/10/12

Hi everyone,

I was here back in 2011, but couldn't recover my account. I think I had a different email address at the time. Anyway, in 2012 I had VSG and lost 110 lbs. I have regained 40 of those lbs :(, but also recently found out I have a hiatal hernia and was having silent reflux.

I have returned to my surgeon who did the first surgery and we discussed getting an RNY at this point. She also let me know that hiatal hernias are very common after VSG, that is what she has seen as the yrs have gone by and she actually very seldom performs the VSG because of this and goes straight to RNY.

So I'm back in the process to get the RNY. It just makes better sense to me instead of just having the hernia repair and since I have regained. I've gone back to my nutritionist and have re-started my process. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I know that going to RNY is not going to get me the same results as I probably would have had if I did that procedure the first time, but I'm willing to take the plunge and get closer to goal this time.

Yesterday my patient advocate submitted to insurance, so we shall see what they do. Don't know if they will approve it or what at this point. But I'm pressing on with my plan as if it is going to happen. I know for sure, the hiatal hernia has to be addressed.

Anyway, any suggestions, tips, or anyone out there that may have had similar process, any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/11/20 7:20 am

There are a few people who had VSG to RNY revision due to GERD.

Check the revision board. I hope some of them can offer you some insights.

If I wanted more response- I would change the title to "considering revision VSG to RNY, need advice ". That may attract some people who otherwise may skip opening your post.

Good luck. I hope you get approved by the insurance.

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VSG on 03/10/12

Thank you so much. Great point.

on 2/11/20 3:28 pm - Grain Valley, MO

Hope your RNY gets approved. I had RNY in 2008. Start stopping drinking fluids 30 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after. It's painful for me if I start drinking soon after eating.


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RNY on 01/30/20 with

Hi Starfishmom,

I think its all about your insurance at this point.. my revision from sleeve to r n y (due to Gerd) was approved in 3 days..If your doc writes that it is medically necessary it should go through with no problems.. as i said before i also did not have to do any of the other pre medical ( psych eval, nutritionist appts, ect..) all i had to do was my medical clearance..everything done from Jan 6 - to surgery Jan 30..

You should get an answer by your insurance by end of week..

Good Luck!

on 2/13/20 8:47 pm
VSG on 03/10/12

Thank you. Yes, she has made the request as medical necessity and patient advocate said my insurance has 15 days to respond. Keeping my fingers crossed.

on 2/14/20 8:39 am
RNY on 01/30/20 with

Great keep us posted starfishmom,

depending on your insurance you should get answer in less than a week..

keeping fingers crossed for you!

on 2/25/20 5:56 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with


did you get APPROVAL from Insurance??

on 2/25/20 8:08 pm
VSG on 03/10/12

YES!!!! Got my phone call today that it was approved. Now waiting on surgery scheduler to call me tomorrow :)

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 2/12/20 10:11 am
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I revised from VSG to RNY this July due to serious GERD and a major hiatal hernia. Pleased to report that the GERD has completely resolved, I've lost almost all of my regain, and things are great!

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