Post Op (7+ years) Stomach Ulcers and H.Pylori Infections

on 2/11/20 11:53 am - monroe, LA

Has anyone had any issues post op with significant stomach pain, ulcers, and repeated H.Pylori infections? I'm over 7 years post op. The surgery has been a success. I've maintained a 90+ weight loss. I'm active, I eat according to my same meal plan. Over the last year, I have struggled with recurring stomach ulcers and H.Pylori infections. I'm only recently begun to wonder if the issue might be related to my bypass surgery.

Has anyone experienced any similar types of problems?

My gastric doctor moved out of state several years ago so i don't have a current doctor. I'm seeing a Gastroenterologist next week. I expect, they will start me on yet another round of antibiotics and schedule an upper endoscopy.

In the mean time, wondering if perhaps this might be a common long term post op problem.

on 2/11/20 1:06 pm - Brandenburg, KY

I'm 10 years out and have been treated for ulcers twice. I'm on a daily dose of protonixs. Without it I too suffer from stomach pain sometimes it is extreme. I think ulcers are common among bypass surgery

on 2/12/20 6:42 am

Good to have the Gastro involved. If you keep getting reinfected, does your household have someone infecting you? It is the leading cause of reinfection IIRC. Talk to the Gastro about your multiple reinfection issues, as that has to be identified and addressed. Good luck.

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on 2/12/20 12:02 pm

IMO the antibiotics may not completely help you get rid of antibiotics.

Or, like another poster suggested, you getting reinfected by someone in your circle, who made have it, but don't have any symptoms.

Unfortunately that someone may be your spouse, significant other, a child, a family member, of even a close friend who you may share some drink or food with.

I.e. I, and my family and good friends often get one dessert when going out and share it. Or you get a bite of my guy good,I or sip of his drink. I

IMO - because our pouch doesn't make a lot of acid, it may not be able to kill pathogens it could mean in contact with, as others, who have normal stomach can. I know I am more prone to gastro infection stuff. Not only because I had RNY but also because I am on strong PPI. The part of my small intestine that gets the food from my mouth to the connection where stomach acid is flowing into is a perfect petri dish for bacteria, fungul, or viral infection. Normal people - the food they eat get bated in acid once it reached the stomach killing most pathogens or if pathogens are detected, causing to throw up the content. ,,(At least this my limited understanding how my system works)

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