on 2/21/20 12:02 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with


Can anyone tell me if they had pain left side and how long did it last and what did you do to relieve some of the pain.

pleasee i take tylenol every 4 hours which i want to stop doing sooner than later...

White Dove
on 2/21/20 2:32 pm

My surgeon prescribed Celebrex, much to my surprise. But I took just one and the pain ended. Call your surgeon.

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on 2/21/20 5:12 pm - Brighton, IL

Isn't Celebrex an NSAID?



on 2/21/20 5:22 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with



White Dove
on 2/23/20 4:32 am

He believed taking the NASID and calming the pain was the way to handle it. I was surprised but glad it worked.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/22/20 10:02 am

I think first most of us, the left side incisions were the largest, that the doc used to manipulate the equipment inside. Mine told me it was likely because of that. To me - they were healing pains. After initial 3-4 weeks, I would occasionally get pain in that area because of scar tissue that may have pull on inside. That occasional pain lasted much longer, specially when I exerted myself, airlift some heavy object.

The incision was deep and there were many layers of broken tissue to heal. Like a deep cut on you hand of feel - they heal, but that place can be very sensitive to everything for weeks if not months.

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on 2/22/20 6:10 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with

Thank You H.A.L.A.B.,

when I take the Tylenol it gives me relief and when I sneeze or cough OH MY GOSH! it hurts so bad.. im hoping the day comes soon when I don't feel this anymore ... I cant sleep on my left side or right for that matter it feels like the intestines or whatever is moving to the right and the left side is to sensitive.. so Im still sleeping propped up on my back like the hospital bed with pillow under my knees

how long did it last for you...

on 2/24/20 3:29 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

When you're about to sneeze or cough, it might help to wrap your arms around your stomach (or hold a pillow tightly****il the sneeze or cough is over. That should minimise the internal movement that causes the pain.

on 2/24/20 4:15 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with

thank you,

but i've been doing that and it hurts when i hold my stomach tight..especially when its time for tylenol....if the tylenol is still working than its not so bad...

on 2/24/20 5:22 pm

Hi Sleeved524,

I am in agreement with H.A.L.A.B., this left-sided pain persisted with me for about 3-4 weeks, and like you, I would have particularly painful moments with coughing and sneezing. My surgeon had given me a prescription for liquid Vicodin, or perhaps liquid Percocet, and this proved to be highly effective in treating this pain.

Whatever you do, please don't resort to taking NSAIDs. I did just that when I was several years post-op, and I developed bleeding ulcers. I had a blood transfusion due to the resulting blood loss anemia I developed. I'm now very careful to avoid all NSAIDs.

In June 2019 I underwent another blood transfusion as the result of bleeding ulcers I developed whilst on a short course of steroids. I didn't even think to remind this doctor that I was an RNY patient who couldn't have NSAIDs and I should have asked him if similar problems could arise with steroids. So now I know firsthand that we cannot take steroids, either.