One step closer to surgery

on 4/16/20 12:31 pm

I had my psych eval today and got the greenlight from them. I have a follow up with Nutrition early next month and then it'll be scheduling to meet the surgery team. Not sure if that will be delayed or not all of my appointments since the beginning of this month have been tele-medicine, not sure they'll do that over the phone or if it has to be in person. Right now they're projecting surgery for August sometime, that may be delayed, however I work for the hospital that I'm having it done at and they just sent us an internal email saying all elective surgeries are postponed till at least June 1st. Seems so close yet so far.

on 4/16/20 3:26 pm, edited 4/16/20 8:27 am

Congrats on your journey so far! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you (Praying for August)! No matter how long the time is between your nutritionist appointment and seeing the surgeon/scheduling surgery, focus on the nutrition to set you up for success in the long run. work on healthy habits because everything you do now will make it easier for your surgeon during surgery.

on 4/17/20 12:25 pm

Thank you for your support and good vibes! Hoping things are still able to progress. But, like you said focusing on nutrition and habits is the current goal going forward to set up long term success. Depending on this virus August may be a busy month for me I have my yearly family fishing trip to Canada planned in the beginning of the month, but at the moment that's in jeopardy too. Everything will happen in due time.

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