Getting closer to surgery

on 5/6/20 7:29 am

I just got a final sign off from nutrition for surgery. They said they're pleased and that I'm making great progress, so they're going to get in contact with the surgeons. There is one hiccup at the moment, the psychologist apparently didn't put in a full note and didn't officially write if she gave me the greenlight or not. So, the dietitian is going to reach out to get official confirmation and then it's on to an appointment with the surgeons and scheduling surgery. At this point I'm told they're scheduling between June-August right now.

on 5/6/20 3:20 pm

Wonderful news!!! Great job for keeping at it amidst everything that is going on. I've seen several pre-ops in my circle/support group that have fallen off, so kudos to you!

on 5/7/20 6:12 am

Thank you! It's been tough at times, I'm still working so it's been easier to stick to my routine. But, on the same token working for a hospital pharmacy I have been working long stressful days. There's days I have to fight to not turn to my old habits. The appointment yesterday was the reminder I needed to keep on my path and keep doing what I'm doing.

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