New glasses

on 5/13/20 6:07 am - Brighton, IL

Hubby needs some new glasses. Does anyone have a recommendation for online options. We just don't want to pay optometrist prices and he has his prescription. Thanks!



on 5/13/20 6:14 am

I've used goggles4u for john in the past - shipping is taking a long time but prices are great.

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Melody P.
on 5/13/20 6:18 am - TX

I've had good luck with zenni.

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on 5/13/20 6:49 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

i use eyebuydirect you just upload your photo put in your prescription and they are easy to try on over your photo I have used them over 10 times and also have done seamless returns. After you decide want you want I always call to see if there are any other discounts available and sometimes they throw in some more discounts.

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on 5/13/20 6:52 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I bought some from eyebuydirect back in January (?) and am very happy with them. I somehow lost my progressives last week (I have NO idea where they are) and have wanted to get some prescription readers for my nightstand, and they're currently have a BOGO sale, so I just ordered both! As someone else said, you can upload your photo and "try on" different styles to see what looks good...

from what I understand, there are several good online companies, though...

on 5/13/20 7:31 am - Live Oak, FL
I don't know about online but, Walmart has some nice frames, at decent prices.
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on 5/13/20 8:12 am, edited 5/13/20 1:13 am

I broke my main glasses, so thanks for the suggestion ( I just ordered from them. Luckily I know my PD values from prior on line lense replacement orders. Good deal. $107 shipped for progressive lenses with a frame.

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on 5/13/20 8:27 am
RNY on 08/29/18

I really like Eyebobs. But I just have reading glasses, so can't vouch for the prescription.

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on 5/13/20 8:45 am - MA
RNY on 07/20/15

I've been using Zenni. Upload the script and it's about $70/frame.

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Laura in Texas
on 5/13/20 2:34 pm
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I love zenni and eyebuydirect. I think my glasses with progressive lenses cost around $29.

Laura in Texas

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