Do you have any meal prep tricks?

on 5/28/20 10:39 am

Or do you have any that tips that help you save time or is something that keeps you on track? I am finding that I tend to get bored with meal prepping and I NEED to do it because it is helpful for me. I'd love to hear of any tips/tricks or ideas you use to help you.

on 5/28/20 11:11 am
RNY on 04/15/19

Oh, I need the tips and tricks too!

on 5/28/20 12:06 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

I make my eggs for the whole week on the weekend and freeze in individual portions and pull one out the night before I plan to eat it. I use eggbeaters and blend up with some cottage cheese and spinach and cook them as scrambled.

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on 5/28/20 1:37 pm

Does the cottage cheese create a smoother texture or make it creamier? I tried it once but didn't like it. I love the egg bites, but they use cottage cheese and I've not perfected it so I've skipped them. I might try your eggbeaters idea since eggs are now getting scarce around here. :)

on 5/28/20 2:09 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

The cottage cheese seems to make them fluffier/creamy. I use eggbeaters because it's so much easier than breaking open all the eggs and also saves me some calories (LOL). I throw it all in my vitamix and blend it all together for a few mins (almost looks like a runny smoothie) which makes them green due to the spinach but I like them all fluffy and airy.

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on 5/28/20 1:29 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

I do a crock pot meal on Monday and divide the leftovers up for lunch all week.

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on 5/28/20 1:46 pm - MA
RNY on 07/20/15

When I was actually leaving the house for work, I would prep all of my meals into the containers to grab and go in the morning. I would take the time to really weigh and measure each portion over the weekend, and everything was ready to take easily. I stopped doing it because I don't leave the house anymore, but I think I would be more successful if I didn't open the refrigerator and have everything to choose from, anymore.

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White Dove
on 5/28/20 2:16 pm

I have never meal prepped, but I do make a menu and a grocery list and stick to it. It includes having healthy foods in the house and something available for each meal and each snack.

I use an app called Paprika where I download and store my recipes, do the meal and snack planning, create the grocery list and sync it to my cellphone so I do not forget any foods or ingredients.

For me, lack of planning will result in making unhealthy choices and losing control of my weight goals. I make something fresh each evening. Often it is enough for two days, then I get the next night off from cooking. I very rarely eat anything I do not prepare myself. Making extra servings leads to overeating, so I plan for the correct amount with no leftovers and no extras for unplanned snacking.

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on 5/28/20 2:42 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

If I'm putting things away, I like to portion as I go so weigh and divide processed things, weigh and divide leftovers. It makes it part of the putting away chore that I have to do anyway vs adding yet another chore, if that makes sense?

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on 5/28/20 3:26 pm

I am working with helping my husband understand how to meal prep. What helps us is having the meal plan in one place and write out every meal and put it visible/accessible. Thankfully, his meal plan is listed really easily so everything we need to buy is on one shopping list, and I take Sunday to prep everything.

Honestly, I hate doing it but I know he won't do it unless I assist because he's the type of person to chop one leaf of romaine at a time rather than a bunch. What takes me a few seconds can take him several minutes and that adds up. We put everything in baggies or Tupperware on Sunday and place them in the fridge with labels. If it's a protein that needs to be cooked later in the week, we will baggie it up and let it marinade rather than cook on Sunday to heat up later. Keeps me on track with spending as well knowing that everything is pre-portioned and I know he won't be going back for seconds because well, he can't!

You can very well cook something in the crockpot/instantpot and freeze the leftover for a later date if you don't want to enjoy it tomorrow etc

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