What's on your Wednesday Menu?

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RNY on 07/20/15

Morning everyone! Happy Hump Day! This has been an extraordinarily long week, no? I have no idea how it is only Wednesday!! Today & tomorrow should be fairly busy work days for me, so things should move fairly quickly, I hope. Yesterday was a little chilly in the shade (only a high of 70 where I was), and since my big cantilever umbrella hasn't come yet, sitting in the sun made it impossible to see my laptop screen...so yesterday's plan to sit in my new outside home office was a little hit or miss, haha. The umbrella still won't be here for at least another two weeks, which is a huge bummer because it will be in the mid 80s on Th & F!

QOTD: Who did you tell about your WLS surgery? This was asked in a different thread but I thought it might get more responses here.

I have still only told my parents and my best friend (and Grim and others who I met here, obvi). Plenty of others know, but it is only because my mom and best friend are terrible at keeping secrets! When I had my lap band 11 years ago I decided not to tell because I had another friend who had surgery and I noticed how closely everyone watched every bite and commented "are you supposed to have that?". I decided I wasn't interested in that scrutiny. When it was time to revise to RNY I was so sick, so I told people I was having surgery to help my swallowing issues, which was 100% true! Anyway, I guess I am just private and didn't think my medical issues are anyone's business...

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Morning menu friends! It's going to be a hot day here in Mitchell Indiana. I spent all day yesterday scraping liquid nails off walls with a multi tool so we can put up new wall board. Tedious work but not hard at least. Also helped take out the 4 toilets so we can eventually put flooring down. Miss Lily and I got 3 long walks in yesterday and food choices were what I planned with no extras. Weight is 120.2 today. Yesterday morning when we got to the lodge to work a tiny baby fawn was curled up in the grass. It was still there at morning break but gone a lunchtime. Camp staff said that's the second one they've seen this year. QOTD I told everyone even strangers in Goodwill. I had lived my whole life believing that if I ate less or worked out harder I could lose the weight. That was a lie for me and I don't want other heavy people to think that too. When you're extremely overweight surgery is often the best option and it's given me a life I could never have imagined. Why wouldn't I share that with others? Three people have had surgery with that encouragement and are doing well today. Here's the food plan B 1/2 c steel cut oats with protein and peanut butter L 2 dark chocolate protein pancakes with sugar free syrup D 4 oz of whatever protein hubby cooks. Have a great day full of healthy choices and stay safe everyone!



Melody P.
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Good morning menu crew.

what a day yesterday was. Ugh. I'm tired of fighting for medical stuff. The insurance place said my appeal was canceled by the provider. My doctors office has no history of this happening. So once again I am left in limbo and having to wait in pain. I feel physically ill from this development.

qotd:I told my FB friends and important to me family members. If someone ask I tell them. I'm pretty much an open book for a lot of things.

attached is a pic of my cats Percy and Opal from yesterday. Maybe they were synchronized swimmers in a past life! LOL



d:going to try the plant based protein powder I found with almond milk


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One day at a time.

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awww! Such cute kitties!!

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Your kitties are adorable!

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Those kitties are too cute!!

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Good morning all! Took forever for me to fall asleep last night. Then next thing I know I'm having the most wonderful dream (I'm a child again.....carefree and having fun) and my stupid alarm goes off. Ugh! My accountability was good yesterday. Down another few ounces. Hopefully this keeps up.

QOTD: I only told my parents, my best friend who had VSG and my boss. Only told my boss because I had to get approved to take the time off work. She asked what kind of surgery I was having and looking back I wished I hadn't disclosed that as it really wasn't any of her business. And once she found out she didn't want to approve my time off since it was an elective surgery according to her. Before I knew it the whole department at work knew and since my boss was the only person I told I could only assume it was her that spilt the beans which kind of annoyed me. So much for wanting to be private about it. And of course my mom told other family members and her friends. So I don't hide it anymore. I mean I don't openly volunteer the information, but if asked I am honest.

B: premier shake

B2: coffee w/Splenda X 2

L: 2 oz low sodium turkey and a hard boiled egg

D: baked salmon and yellow squash

S: L&F yogurt, some nuts or an apple

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RNY on 12/19/17

What a ****ty boss there is some HIPPA infringement there. There is nothing right about that at all.

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RNY on 01/23/19

Yeah I wasn't too happy about it and felt stupid for disclosing that information to her. Well I guess karma finally caught up to her in the end though as one day I came to work and she was no longer the supervisor. I'm not sure what went down as we were not given any information by management other than she was no longer in he supervisor and they were looking for a replacement ASAP and we were not to discuss the situation. Everything was very hush hush so I felt like if she resigned on her own they would have told us.

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Liz WantsHealthForAll
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VSG on 03/28/16

What your boss did is illegal: She didn't have the right to ask and definitively not the right to tell others.

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