I think I am not a normal "revision to RNY" person!

Michelle I.
on 6/12/20 10:27 am - VSG-1/6/14, CA

So, if I don't pay attention and take a larger than I should bite, it does not bother me. If I forget to wait 30 minutes after a meal and I grab some water, it doesn't bother me. I feel like I am not normal! LOL

I try really hard NOT to do those things, but I am honest with myself and acknowledge that I do.

What if anything do you all do to retrain the brain? Any tips? I would love some ideas.

on 6/12/20 12:42 pm

in the beginning, I literally would set a timer on my phone or kitchen timer or would start a 30 min show if I was done with my food and know that I couldn't drin****il it was over

Now's it's just second nature.

Michelle I.
on 6/12/20 12:49 pm - VSG-1/6/14, CA

Thank you so much! I will try that starting today. I don't want to mess this up, you know??? Like come on girl...get it together Smh

on 6/12/20 12:57 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

when was your revision? I know I usually do not have any problems drinking at any time at this point but I make a very conscious choice to eyeball the clock when eating and drinking. If you have a cat you can give them a treat at the times you need to do whatever and after a couple days the cat remembers it is time for a treat so they will remind you.

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Michelle I.
on 6/12/20 1:05 pm - VSG-1/6/14, CA

Hello Teenie-I has my revision 4/2/20. So I'm barely wrapping up two months out. That's why it scares me....

on 6/16/20 11:43 am

You are re-learning everything! Give yourself some credit! Take your time and learn what works for you and your new surgery

Erin T.
on 6/13/20 4:48 am
VSG on 01/17/17

I think with RNY it's pretty typical to be able to drink after eating because there's no valve at the bottom of your stomach. That's also the reason why you to not do that since it can push the food into the intestines which can cause not only indigestion but also for you to feel hungry again faster and therefore slower weight loss or weight gain (eventually). With VSG if you drink after eating you're "overfilling" your stomach and it hurts (although I'm not sure everyone experiences that). I had VSG 3.5 years ago and I can not drink more than a tiny sip during/after eating without feeling terrible pain. So that's a rule I've never had issues with.

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Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 6/13/20 5:37 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Erin's experience is interesting to hear (I also have a VSG). I can't overeat dense protein without feeling uncomfortable but I can drink during or immediately after meals without discomfort. However it can cause indigestion later. I did use a timer for about 3 years to remind me to wait 30 minutes though now it is pretty automatic for me to just check my watch and set a mental "timer".

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on 6/13/20 6:09 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Regardless of whether you have a physical discomfort, you Set your mind to follow the rules.

The brain is your biggest support (and detractor) in this.

Did any of your programs work with you the mental aspect of the procedures? If so, go back to those materials and review them until it's second nature. If not, I can recommend the Mindful Eating book and cd that my program required. I'll be honest, it's a bit Woo-woo for me but I ignore that part and I use the pieces on head hunger and discipline every single day (some days more successfully than others).

more practically, I set an alarm on my phone when I finish eating and I don't drinks th it's it goes off (and if I forget to set it right away, the time starts when I do!). On the small bites, after surgery I used the baby fork and baby spoon (like for mini appetizers?) ans little plates and that helped reset "bite size" for me.

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Michelle I.
on 6/13/20 6:28 am - VSG-1/6/14, CA

I am very interested in the book. Since my surgery was done at the during this crazy pandemic, all my after care classes were cancelled. And since I was a cash patient I had no pre-op classes. Just the diet. Hopefully my classes will start soon becomes I really need a support group!

thank you for your tips!

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