Endoscopic Suturing- Revision

on 6/15/20 6:55 pm

I had RNY in 2008..... recently gained about 30 lbs. My doctor confirmed that I have a dilated stoma and recommended endoscopic suturing. Has anyone had experience with this?

White Dove
on 6/16/20 3:29 am

I doubt that you will find anyone here who has done it, but I would be interested in hearing about your results. Your doctor should be able to refer you to patients who have had the procedure.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 6/17/20 10:47 am - Buckeye, AZ

Following, I too am regaining. I had my RNY in 1999 have stayed at my goal weight until the last year and have gained 30 lbs. Had an something stuck in my stomach last year and had endoscopic surgery to remove and they said I had a dilated Stoma. Didn't know there was a revision until today. Going to see if I qualify for it.

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