Too much watermelon = Food coma

on 6/23/20 7:42 pm
RNY on 03/23/17

I can't seem to learn our I'm still in denial that I cannot tolerate sugar.

I ate maybe 4 cups of watermelon ~ 40g of sugar. Was in complete food coma for next 4 hours in a comfortable chair but unable to function at all.

When I woke I tested my glucose and was mid 90's which is pretty normal based on what I had eaten sugar wise.

Regardless I was comatose for 4 hrs.

I need to come to grips with how to eat with this new body

Having hard time figuring it all out.


on 6/24/20 5:32 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I had that happen for a while after my conversion from the sleeve to modified bypass. It doesn't happen as much anymore, but I also tend to stay away from the sugar and not "go there" iykwim. I would literally pass out so I can totally understand. You will find your groove but in the meantime, be careful.

on 6/25/20 12:13 pm, edited 6/25/20 5:21 am

I drin**** watter after fruits or fruits and proteins.

on 7/7/20 12:25 pm


Everyone tolerates a different amount of sugars/carbs. You need to find your personal limit pronto,or is a distinct possibility you could wake up dead. Going into a coma after/or before eating can cause seizure activity. Your blood sugar rebounded when your liver released glycogen. giving you a 90 blood the 4 hours time frame

Since you love watermelon, and it apparently goes down easily... I would suggest you begin with 10 Grams./by your measurement, a cup. Possibly have a protein serving before. Some kind of nut butter or cheese will work for many people( i just can't eat them)

Wait 30 min after watermelon is ingested and check blood sugar 3 x at 15-20 min intervals. This will give an indication of your personal body response. ,See if this will enable you to enjoy a favorite fruit without this issue... I'm guessing it will.If you want more increase serving by 1/2 cup servings to find your tolerance. This tolerance will carry over into other foods as well. and you will KNOW your body's limitations.

My limit before i go into relative hypoglycemic reaction...- and this is what that sounds like... is 12-15 grams total carbs. I have been hypoglycemic since age 20- so have had 41 years of personal experience- with this process. The Dr scared me half to death. said if " I did not control blood sugars by diet- i would be insulin dependent diabetic within 5 years..". well, that time there was not research to know what to take to modify that response. Today i take bitter melon capsules one a day for 15 days of the month... about 10$ for 4 month supply... still am hypogycemic and must limit carbs very tightly.

Hope this process i have found thru trial and error helps you find your limits for your health and safety.

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