Making your own yogurt?

Melody P.
on 6/27/20 1:19 pm - TX

So the yogurt selection for lactose free here is almost nil. I sometimes can find activia Lactose free. But I want something other than strawberry and to be able to control the stuff in it.

I've noticed some of you mention making yogurt so I thought I'd ask for some guidance. Which starter do you prefer? I've found the maker I'll get at the first of the month but I'm wondering most about the starter.

i plan on using lactose free milk. The maker I want to get makes 7 jars at a time. I'm open to suggestions on makers too though.

thanks so much!

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on 6/28/20 3:45 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I wasn't sure so I didn't a Google search and there are some articles that say it can be done while some argue that some lactose free milks won't set right, (in which case you would need a thickener). It probably depends on which milk you use and the recipe. I am sorry that probably wasn't much help but I hope you can find a recipe that works.

Melody P.
on 6/28/20 7:57 am - TX

Thank you! It is helpful

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on 6/28/20 5:08 am, edited 6/27/20 10:08 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I just use a big scoop of Fage or Chobani plain Greek yogurt as my starter (I've used my own yogurt as a starter a few times, but it doesn't always work (I think it gets weaker if it's a few days old)). If you do use a commercial yogurt, make sure it has active cultures (most do, but not all), and make sure it's got an expiration date that's a ways out. Although my two main brands almost always "work", I've had a couple of flops - probably since they were close to the expiration date. Also, once they've been opened, they seem to weaken pretty quickly - so I'll use the remainder for something else, like Liz's yogurt pie.

Just so you know, I've never tried making it with lactose free milk, so not sure how that all would work.

Melody P.
on 6/28/20 7:56 am - TX


lots of research to do today!

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on 6/28/20 3:23 pm - WI

Greek yogurt is strained so most of the whey is removed. This makes it 99% lactose free. When you make your yogurt just strain it for several hours through a few layers of moistened cheesecloth placed in a collander. It will get nice and thick. I am lactose intolerant and make my own Greek yogurt with no issues. I use about a cup of Fage yogurt as a starter. Just make sure you let your milk cool down enough before you add it or you will ruin the whole batch. Once you have successfully made it you can use a cup of your own yogurt to make the next batch.

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Melody P.
on 7/1/20 1:31 pm - TX

Hmmm it still bothers me a bit...thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

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on 6/29/20 5:49 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I make mine in a Dutch oven with a thermometer for the temp and then just put it in the oven with the light on for the holding period. I've done it in the instant pot but like the oven method better. Then I just put it in my own glass containers.

In a Dutch oven with a lid,

Heat your milk to 185 degrees

let it cool to 110, stir in your starter (I also use Fage - good quality, live cultures)

put lid on, wrap in a towel and put in the oven with the light on; let sit 8-12 hours (the longer, the tangier); strain to your thickness once it's the right tang for you.

I have never tried lactose free but I've heard of Belle and Bella Starter for lactose free milks, I don't know anything else about it though!

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Melody P.
on 7/1/20 1:32 pm - TX

Thank you so much for the info and tips! Really appreciate it!

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One day at a time.

on 7/1/20 7:07 am

I don't make my own yogurt, but thought it's an appropriate thread to add to.

I finally found a dairy free yogurt at HEB! It's Oui, and in a small glass jar. So far I've had mango, strawberry and vanilla. It's made with coconut milk/cream, and it's absolutely delicious.

I have tried every soy/almond yogurt and for whatever reason, the thickeners used make it feel like paste in my mouth. This new yogurt, SO good!


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